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Christmas Countdown Lifestyle Blog, helping you plan a stress-free Christmas.
Christmas Countdown Lifestyle Blog, helping you plan a stress-free Christmas.

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Will the Amazon Kindle arrive in the UK next week?

The rumors on the internet today would suggest that Amazon will launch the Kindle eBook reader in the UK next week and certainly in time for Christmas.  This is worth keeping an eye on if you have a keen reader or gadget collector in your family as this could make a great Christmas present for them.   In the US the device sold out as soon as it was launched and although Amazon don’t publish sales figures it is believed to have been very popular.   In the week of the new Dan Brown title being published in the US, it was widely reported that the eBook version on the Kindle outsold the paper version on

The Kindle is a great device and has had many excellent reviews but you may want to wait a little longer.  If you are only likely to buy one device in the next 12 to 18 months you might want to wait and see what the Apple iPad or iTablet looks like when it is launched early in 2010.  The rumors are that the iPad is likely to be a wafer thin multi-touch screen device based on the Mac OS X Snow Leopard Operating System but with the ability to run iPhone applications as well as standard Mac applications.  I mention this because if even half the rumors about the Apple device are right and they sell it for a sensible price it will be a really useful portal computer, eBook reader, netbook replacement all rolled into one.   On the other hand if you know someone who just has to have the latest gadget or someone who has expressed an interest in the eBook readers already available in the UK, this will be the ideal gift for them this Christmas.

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