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When should you decorate your home for Christmas?

With just 40 days to go now until Christmas Day, it’s time to think about how you will decorate your house and table this Christmas and start to gather what you are going to need.  But when should you actually put up your Christmas decorations?  Until the 1980’s my husbands family had always decorated their house on Christmas Eve, working late into the night and only stopping to attend the midnight service, it had been done that way for generations!  Then in the 1980’s Christmas became more commercial and the decorations became more involved and expensive, so it started to make sense to have them up for more than the 12 days of Christmas.  Through the 80’s, 90’s and 00’s the decorations have gone up a little earlier each year.

We have another tradition which I guess isn’t that unusual.  Each year we buy a few new baubles for the Christmas tree’s but we always bring out the collection of baubles that we have amassed over the years.  Some of these must now date back to the 40’s and 50’s and are far to scratched to really be used but they are of great sentimental value and always make me think back to all those Christmases they have been taken out of their box, displayed and carefully put away again.

But when should you decorate your home for Christmas?  Part of me wants to return to the old family tradition of decorating on Christmas Eve, but then I love Christmas so much and life is too short not to enjoy Christmas as much as possible so I’ll be decorating the house either on the last Saturday in November or the first Saturday in December this year.  In part I’m decorating early because I know I’m going to be so busy with events, work, cooking etc later in December.

When do you decorate for Christmas and do you have any family traditions about decorating your home at Christmas?

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