Unusual Christmas Advent Calendars

NOËL SUBLIME Christmas Advent Calendar


This is rather special and something you might give as a corporate gift or as a thankyou to someone in the run up to Christmas

Nestled in an elegant gift set, painted in black & gold and decorated with silver stars, this NOËL SUBLIME advent calendar beholds 25 tea-inspired Mariage Frères treats to make the countdown to the holidays all the more pleasant. 

The clock, symbolised by a hanging Christmas ornament, ticks while imaginary windows, opening day after day, glimmer under the guiding light of the Star of Bethlehem.

You can find this online at https://www.mariagefreres.com/UK/2-noel-sublime-advent-calendar-2019-E98700.html


Carluccio’s Christmas Countdown

Countdown to Christmas with mouth-watering chocolate, unwrap the foil to find Carluccio’s classic festive characters inside. Start your morning with a milk chocolate bite with a Gianduja filling. There is also a limited-edition Luxe Calendar available, with only 200 available this year.

This should be on sale soon at https://www.carluccios.com/shop/

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