Toppings Pies - Huntsman Pork Pie

Toppings Pies

I was lucky enough to be sent some scrumptious pork pies from a company called The Topping Pie Company.  You can pick up their pork pies from several high street stores but I was particularly interested in their online ordering and delivery service.  I was very interested to see how they packaged their products to keep them in prime condition whilst in transit.

To start with I was impressed to see that Toppings used a 24 hour next day delivery service to make sure their products were not in transit any longer than necessary.



The Pies arrived in a sturdy polystyrene box to keep the contents insultanted in transit.


Taking the lid off revealed a double layer of bubble wrap and then a layer of ice packs which were still frozen solid when I opened the box.


Finally removing the layer of ice packs revealed the products we had ordered for review.

I was really impressed with the delivery service and packaging and certainly would have no hesitation in using Toppings for any fresh products. They have clearly given delivery a lot of thought and have got this all important part of online food delivery right.

They supply pork pies with a difference, whether is is their Dinkie Cranberry Topped Pork Pie, traditional pork pie or my personal favourite the Huntsman Pie you are sure to find one to make you say Mmmm!

Toppings Pies - Huntsman Pork Pie

Toppings Pies – Huntsman Pork Pie

I always think a pie is the ultimate in comfort food, and Christmas is simply the best time to indulge yourself.  I mentioned that the Huntsman Pork Pie was my personal favourite.

This pie has a delicious layer of pork followed by chicken and topped with a top layer of sage and onion stuffing.  It is a bit like Christmas Dinner in a pie, so a pie to make you feel Christmasy before Christmas Day.  Their traditional pork pie is the perfect example of to make a simple pie very well, which can’t be easy as so many people get it wrong.  It would seem that the main ingredients for The The Topping Pie Company success is the quality of ingredients, their pork is British red tractor pork pie meat and their hot water pastry case.  Often when you buy a pork pie, the meat doesn’t look or taste great and the pastry can be soggy.  The Topping Pie Company’s pastry and crisp and flavoursome bringing the homemade food experience to your home.

As I mentioned earlier there all several pork pie combinations to choose from.  For Christmas, the Dinkie Stilton Topped Pork Pie looks particularly festive as does the Christmas Pork Pie which adds chopped apricots to a chicken and two pork layers.  I think these pies make great Christmas Presents, as for example, the Christmas Pork Pie can be frozen for up to month allowing people to spread some Christmas cheer into the cold days of January.

Keeping it simple - Traditional Pork Pie

Keeping it simple – Traditional Pork Pie

If you are looking for something a little different then I’d recommend giving them a try and time of year.


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