Time to book that Christmas office party

The weather maybe hot and the days long but give it a couple of months and it will be dark when you travel home at night.  This maybe a depressing thought, but I am always cheered with the thought of bonfire night and then Christmas to brighten the winter gloom.

It may well be too early to think about Christmas arrangements but the office party always needs a bit of planning.  If you are looking to book a venue or just a restaurant it pays to book early to get the right package.  Firstly, this includes a night that everyone can make, preferably a Friday so no bleary eyes the next day.  If you are going for a venue for a themed night, food and drink it is even more important to get this booked early.  Abba and other tribute bands are booked early and are great way of people letting their hair down and relaxing as there is usually some fancy dress involved too.

If this sounds too ambitious or expensive a festive meal out can still be great fun especially if combined with a secret santa.  Some joke Christmas presents under £5 always get a laugh and passes the time when everyone is waiting for their starter.

Restaurants also make the effort to have a Christmas inspired menu to add to the seasonal spirit, so you can get your taste of turkey and Christmas pudding early or avoid these yuletide offerings if you think you will be fed up with it by Christmas day.

Whatever, you choose, make sure you approach it with the right attitude and enjoy yourself.

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