This Christmas will be a good time to enjoy a glass of Champagne.

Following on from my Christmas Pudding recipe a few days ago I was pleased to see a report in todays Observer about a glut of Champagne on the market this Christmas.   Apparently with the credit crunch and the recession over the past year, cases of Champagne have been piling up as people turned to lower cost alternatives such as Cava and Prosecco.   Wine experts may not agree but my family have always enjoyed Champagne at Christmas.  There is something so delicious about a cool, sparkling glass of Champagne while enjoying your rich Christmas Pudding, or on Christmas Day evening with a slice of Christmas Cake.

The Observer article suggests that this year we could see good bottles of Champagne being sold off for as little as £10 to £15.  They go on to warn that this year French vineyards have been ordered to throwaway upto 50% of their harvest in response to our reduced consumption of Champagne during the recession.  This means that by Christmas 2010, the price of a good bottle may be somewhat higher.  Champagne doesn’t store that well in the home, but if you know you have special occasions over Christmas, New Year or during 2010 it may be worth stocking up on Champagne now.

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