The Christmas Next Directory arrived this morning.

83 Days until Christmas and for many now just two pay days to go until Christmas Day.   I was laying in bed and heard someone outside coming up my driveway and then go away again, then moments later an e-mail turned up on my Blackberry from Next to say that they had just delivered their Christmas Directory.  It takes a lot to impress me but you have to admire companies who can pull off that type of ‘customer service magic’.

Anyway here in Norwich it’s a lovely sunny morning, so I’m planning to make myself a cup of coffee and spend an hour or two sitting in the conservatory flicking through their new Next Directory for Christmas Gift inspiration.   I couldn’t resist an initial look with my tea and toast at breakfast and some of their Christmas decorations have caught my eye.  I also like the look of the Archos tablet computer, which looks a lot like an iPad but costs just £180 which would be ideal to leave in the kitchen for checking things on the web, posting blog updates and checking e-mails.

Finally I noticed that the package included a letter addressed directly to me saying that they are now accepting orders for next day delivery right up until 9pm, which again is amazing and magical customer service.  I guess this letter is customised and they don’t offer such a late cut off for next day delivery across the whole country but it’s worth checking what they are doing in your area.

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