Tunis Cake Blogs

Tunis cake spotted in Sainsbury’s today

    Following on from my Tunis Cake a Great British Christmas Tradition blog at the weekend, I spotted an own brand Tunis Cake in Sainsbury's tonight.   If you spot a Tunis Cake in the shops this Christmas do send me a picture and let me know where you...

Tunis Cake A Great British Christmas Tradition

I was at our local farm shop today and noticed that they had a Tunis Cake from a local artisan bakery. As I had family visiting in the afternoon I thought it would make a nice Christmas treat with a cup of tea mid afternoon.   I'm not sure why it is called a...

What ever happened to Tunis cake?

When I was a child we always had a Tunis Cake at Christmas.  I remember they always came in sturdy bright coloured boxes.   They were a perfect alternative to rich fruit Christmas cake for those who like something a little lighter.  A Tunis Cake is basically a Madeira...

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