Royal Institution Christmas Lecture 2017

Royal Institution Christmas Lecture 2016
I’ll be  tuning into the CHRISTMAS LECTURES at 8pm on BBC Four tonight as chemist Professor Saiful Islam explores one of humankind’s biggest challenges: how to generate and store energy. With guest appearances from Christmas Lecturers past, Saiful will lead us on an incredible journey through energy – with nods to Lectures past and spectacular 21st century demonstrations of the power of energy.
The full broadcast dates and titles of this year’s Lectures are:
Let there be Light! Monday 26 December, 8pm
People Power Tuesday 27 December, 8pm
Fully charged Wednesday 30 December, 8pm

There will be a live tweet stream along with each broadcast – join the conversation by tweeting @Ri_Science or using the hashtag #xmaslectures.


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RI Christmas Lectures 2015 Announced today: How to survive in space.

How to survive in space 2015Today the Royal Institute (RI) announced that this year’s Christmas Lecturer is Dr Kevin Fong, an emergency doctor and expert in space medicine. He will present the three part CHRISTMAS LECTURES series ‘How to survive in space’ on BBC Four this Christmas.

In celebration of British astronaut Tim Peake’s upcoming mission to the International Space Station (ISS), this year’s Lectures will shine a spotlight on international achievements in space science and engineering.

Kevin and the ISS astronauts will open a window onto today’s most exciting space missions, explore the future of space travel and offer a unique insight into the challenges of protecting human life in the hostile environment of space.

The 2015 CHRISTMAS LECTURES will consist of three hour-long Lectures filmed in front of a Iive audience at the Royal Institution over three evenings on Thursday 17 December, Saturday 19 December and Tuesday 22 December. They will be broadcast on BBC Four over the festive period.

To find out how to apply for tickets click here.

When the transmission date and time are confirmed we’ll update this blog post.

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Royal Institution Christmas Lectures 2011

Just a quick reminder that the Royal Institution Christmas Lectures start this evening on BBC4 at 20:00 and then continue for the next two nights at the same time.  This year the theme is the human brian.  I’ll be sitting down with the family after dinner to watch this as it’s long been a tradition in our household.

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Why elephants don’t dance.

With just 5 days to go until Christmas and with most of the preparation out of the way its time to focus on relaxing for a few days.  One of my husbands Christmas traditions which dates back to his school days is sitting down to watch the Royal Institution Christmas Lectures.  These are aimed at children but are still very well worth watching.  It’s always a pleasure to see complex concepts being explained really well and the next generation being inspired by what they are seeing.  For some reason a few years ago the RI lectures moved from the BBC over to C4.  They did their best but with the constant adverbs and their attempt to bring what was already an excellent format ‘up to date’ I felt that they had dumbed it down a little.  This year The historic Royal Institution Christmas Lectures will return to their home on the BBC airing on BBC Four on 28, 29 and 30 December at 8pm. As well as explaining why an elephant wouldn’t make the grade on Strictly Come Dancing, the science lectures will reveal why hamsters can skydive without a parachute, why an ant can lift over 100 times its bodyweight, why chocolate is so amazing and how we could build a lift to the moon.  We’ll certainly be sitting down to watch these programmes and look forward to seeing how the BBC treat them this year.

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