The Christmas edition of Red Magazine has arrived.

The Christmas edition, December 2018 of Red Magazine arrived the other day. I thought I’d share the cover with you.
December 2018 Christmas Red Magazine Cover

The cover says Millie Mackintosh, December 2018, We wish you a magical Christmas. Someone bought me a subscription to Red magazine last Christmas and I do love receiving it through the post every month.

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Treat yourself to a magazine subscription for 2017

If you received some money for Christmas or you forgot to get someone a present and now need to sort something out, I highly recommend a magazine subscription.  Post Christmas there are some very good deals available on 2017 magazine subscriptions. I’ve been alerted to the January sale being run by They are one of the leading magazine subscription companies in the UK handling the distribution for all the BBC programme related magazines as well as many other leading titles.

Cheap magazine subscriptions for 2017

At the time of writing for example you can get the next five issues of the Gardners World magazine delivered to you for just £5.

Click below for details of the latest special offers.

These look like great bargains. Do let me know how you get on and I hope you get plenty of time in 2017 to sit down with a coffee and your favourite magazine.

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Can you help us find a copy of the BBC Good Food Magazine from December 1990?

I’ve heard from one of our readers who has lost her copy of the December 1990 BBC Good Food Magazine. She loved the ‘delicious recipe for Christmas stuffing’ from this edition of the magazine but misplaced her copy last Christmas.

If anyone has a copy of this magazine or a copy of the recipe for Christmas Stuffing from the December 1990 BBC Good Food Magazine do please get in touch.  You may not still have the whole magazine but may have pulled the recipe out and put in in a folder for safe keeping.

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Sainsbury’s Christmas Magazine 2014: 25 day countdown to Christmas

I’m now working through a pile of leaflets and catalogues from Christmas 2014 to see what I want to archive and what’s going to be heading to the recycling bin. I’m going to keep a few things as examples of marketing, branding and what was the fashion for Christmas 2014. I’ll highlight a few things I liked as we go but that’s not the primary goal of this blog post.  We’re doing this so that we can track how Christmas is changing each year and reference back to this in the future. I’d love to receive similar items from the 1970, 60’s and so on if you have any lurking in cupboards anywhere.

Sainsbury's Christmas 2014 Magazine cover page


The cover page says “Let it snow, share the festive magic”.

Sainsbury's Christmas Page 3 Main Contents Page

The introduction starts by saying: This year we’ve been thinking about what’s really important at Christmas, and what matters the most when the festive season rolls around is sharing the good times with your loved ones. If that means giving yourself a break with a few strategic cheats then so be it….   I would say “strategic cheats” was a key theme picked up by the UK supermarkets in Christmas 2014. If you recall Christmas Day 2014  was on a Thursday so people either took the whole week off work or ended up working right up to Christmas Eve. With little time to prepare people were looking for ways to make Christmas simple and stress free.

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Christmas paper craft and die cutting magazine from Hobbycraft

I know a lot of people are seriously into paper craft and die cutting and produce lovely handmade Christmas cards and decorations. I thought I’d therefore quickly bring the  Christmas Special Tattered Lace magazine from Hobby Craft to your attention as I hadn’t seen it before and just spotted it while looking for something else on their website. This paper crafting magazine from Hobbycraft won the 2013 Craft Awards for best new product. If you click through to their website and looking at previous editions you’ll see that previous editions have had great reviews. Hobby Craft Tattered Lace Magazine Christmas Special


The magazine comes with a Christmas Winter Scene die and a beautiful array of papers, detailed with unique patterns and luxurious colours.

Hobby Craft Paper die cut winter scene


If you haven’t tried this before then it might be something interesting to explorer as a way to keep children busy with a worthwhile activity during the summer holidays. The magazine only cost £12.99 and is available online from Hobbycraft. You can either have it delivered to your home or you can pick your order up in one of their stores. See their website for more details.

I’d love to hear how you get on and see pictures of any cards and decorations you create for Christmas.


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