Jamie Oliver at Christmas

Jamie Oliver

If someone in your famiy loves watching Jamie Olver on TV, you may be interested in my new Jamie Oliver Gift Ideas page. I’ll be adding to this all the time now but have got it started with his main books from the last few years. These all make excellent Christmas presents.

Click here for my Jamie Oliver Gift Guide

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Don’t miss #JamiesUltimateChristmas on Channel 4 tonight.

Jamie Oliver








Just spotted a post on Facebook from Jamie Oliver letting us know that he is back on Channel 4 tonight with his Ultimate Christmas.

I’ll be tuning in at 8pm to see if I can learn any new tips. If you watch it let us know what you think by leaving a comment below.

Jamie has a new Christmas book out on Amazon which will no doubt be featured in tonights show:

This is currently selling for £11.99 on Amazon.

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Jamie Oliver Gluten-free Christmas pudding

Just spotted this post from Jamie Oliver about his Gluten-free Christmas pudding recipe which is just in time for store up Sunday.

Even if you don’t normally eat gluten free this recipe sounds great if you just want a lighter Christmas Pudding this year.

You can see the recipe here

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Have you ever had a Christmas cookery disaster?

If you follow the Christmas Planning advice on our blog I’m sure this won’t apply to you but even the best planned Christmas can go wrong. For example one year I fell over quite badly on ice and couldn’t move on Christmas Day so I had to leave my husband to cook Christmas lunch for our dozen or so guest. Luckily for me he is an amazing cook but it could so easily have been a disaster.

With this in mind I was interested to hear that freshone.tv, the production company founded by Jamie Oliver are working on a Christmas show for channel 4. The programme will feature home video footage of peoples Christmas cookery disasters. If you’ve ever had a Christmas cookery disaster they want to hear all about it… whether you fought for hours to fit the oversized turkey into your oven on Christmas day, or poisoned your in-laws because of an undercooked turkey, perhaps you’re one of the four million households whose cooker broke down at that crucial moment – Whatever the mishap they want to hear all about it … From the funny to the tragic, and the stressful to the very familiar. They want to see your home footage and will pay a fee for any footage they decide to include in their programme. For more information Email: christmas2011@freshone.tv or phone 020 3375 5099.

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The early signs of Christmas.

I’ve just been watching the Last Night of the Proms after having enjoyed several of the Proms this summer, for me this marks an unofficial end to the summer.  Meanwhile today Jamie Oliver has been tweeting about starting work on his Christmas Special for Channel 4.  Also is it me, or have you noticed how early the perfume companies have started to advertise on television this year?  Somewhat like hearing the first cuckoo in Spring, I get the feeling that these are the first signs of the Christmas seasons.

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