New David Walliams Reading List and Gift Guide

Just a quick update to announce my new David Walliams Christmas Gift Guide:

It’s not often when David Walliams doesn’t have a book in the charts these days. His titles appeal to children and adults.  To save you time I’ve gone through reviews and Amazon and picked David’s top books to produce a helpful David Walliams Reading List and Gift Guide.  So if you’ve got children who have enjoyed one of David’s books, why not treat them to one of the other items on this list for Christmas.

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Elf On The Shelf enters Amazon top 10 toys.

Elf On The Shelf Plush Dolls  Christmas Novelty Toy has entered the Amazon top 10 bestselling toys and games chart today.

Elf On The Shelf Plush Dolls Boy Girl Figure Christmas Novelty Toys Gifts

Click here to view this on
Price: £3.99

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Just spotted a new gift idea for Doctor Who fans this Christmas.

A new Christmas gift idea for Doctor Who fans….

I just noticed that David Tennant sent out a tweet about the new “Doctor Who, The 10 Christmas Specials Blu-ray”.

Doctor Who Gift Idea 2015

If you are wondering what to a Doctor Who fan for Christmas this year then this might be a good idea.

Doctor Who The 10 Christmas Specials Gift Idea

It’s not released until November the 9th but you can pre-order it on Amazon (click here) for £34.99 including free UK P&P.

You might also be interested in the blog I did last year about Doctor Who Gift Ideas.

I’m always looking for something slightly different, so if you spot something unusual do let me know by leaving a comment below.

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A small Christmas Present idea for food lovers: La Chinata Paprika Gift Box

I was online earlier looking for some Paprika having been disappointed at the selection in Waitrose. I came across this La Chinata Smoked Paprika Gift Box on Amazon.  I’d love to receive it as a gift and I can think of several people this would make a great small but thoughtful Christmas present for. Smoked Paprika Powder Gift Box La ChinataThis smoked paprika gift case from La Chinata includes a can of sweet and sour paprika, a can of spicy paprika and a can of sweet paprika. The small 70 gram tins are ideal for getting to know the qualities of paprika, experimenting with its rich and varied flavor. This product is known in Spanish as pimentón ahumado estuche regalo La Chinata.

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Avoid Gift Cards & Vouchers as a last minute Christmas Gift.


Just spotted some timely wise advise from Paul Lewis. If you have forgotten to buy a Christmas present for someone I would advise that you follow Paul’s advice and don’t be tempted to buy a gift card.

Paul Lewis Gift Card Tweet


In recent years several big retailers have gone out of business (Woolworths etc) and gift vouchers become worthless. Even if the retailer doesn’t go out of business the vouchers or gift cards have use by dates and the shops tend not to give change on them. Best to give a cheque or cash, it may sound boring but it is safe.  See Paul’s blog for the full story. 

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