Christmas Planning Tip: Get yourself a spare speed peeler.

Todays Christmas planning tip is simple but could make all the difference to the delivery of a stress free successful Christmas lunch.  If you haven’t already got one I highly recommend these speed peelers. In fact I recommend you have two or three of these in your kitchen. If you get behind you can get the family helping with the peeling. Having a spare is also good as I’ve been known to need one only to find it’s in the dishwasher with 70 minutes to go on the wash cycle.

I’ve gone through a few of these over the years but this is the one I’ve got and recommend now:


Get yourself a speed peeler

Get yourself a speed peeler!


At the time of writing you can find these speed peelers on for under £5.  (Click here)

If you’ve got any similar Christmas planning tips, please let me know my leaving a comment below.

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A quick visit to Debenhams in Leeds for some Christmas shopping

A quick blog post today with some pictures of a recent shopping trip to Debenhams in Leeds city centre (November 2015). The shop windows looked great just as it was getting dark outside.




Debenhams Leeds shop windows

Debenhams Leeds shop windows

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Just spotted a lovely simple Christmas food idea

Always looking for ways to get the children to eat more fruit, so loved this great idea when I spotted it on Twitter.  It would also be good fun to make these with the children.

If you don’t eat these straight away the banana will start to go brown. You can slow this down by disolving  a vitamin c tablet in water and dipping the banana in this.

If you have any similar food ideas please get in touch by leaving a comment below.

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New Simply Nigella Christmas Special for 2015

Nigella Christmas Special Confirmed

Nigella Lawson has confirmed via Twitter that she will have a Christmas Special on BBC 2 this Christmas:

There will definitely be a #SimplyNigella Christmas Special!

 There will definitely be a #SimplyNigella Christmas Special!


Nigella’s New Book

Nigella’s new book to go with the series is due to be published on October 8th and is sure to be a bestseller this Christmas.

Nigella New Book

You can find the book online at by clicking here.

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