Christmas at Costa Coffee 2017

I popped into Costa on Wednesday (November 1st) and I suppose I was a little surprised to be greeted by the sound of “I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas” as I walked through the door.  They really need to keep the Christmas music on pause until after bonfire night. Putting that aside, for now, it was good to get my latte served in this years Christmas cup design.

Costa Coffee Christmas 2017

Costa Coffee Christmas 2017 cup design

Costa Coffee Christmas 2017 cup design

Costa Coffee Christmas 2017 cup design


I take a photo of my first Christmas Latte each year as it’s interesting to track how the marketing and branding change over the years; you don’t notice if you can’t put current trends into context with what has been done previous years.

My personal favourite was the Father Christmas design from 2014:

Costa Coffee Christmas 2014 Branding

See previous years here:

Costa Christmas 2016

Costa Christmas 2015

Costa Christmas 2014


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It’s officially Christmas: The Costa Coffee 2016 Cup has arrived.

I stopped by Costa at lunchtime for a coffee and was pleased to see the Christmas Cups have arrived.  This years design is probably best described as warm and cosy and looks like an arts & crafts crochet pattern. I have to say it’s very effective and I like it.  I can imagine having a lovely warm coffee from this in one of their cafés when there’s snow on the ground.

Costa Coffee Christmas Cup 2016


Costa Coffee Christmas 2016


Compare this with previous years design:

2015 Costa Coffee Christmas Cup Design

Costa Coffee 2015 Christmas Branding


2014 Costa Coffee Christmas Cup Design

Costa Coffee Christmas 2014 Branding


I guess they wanted to do something quite different this year. I thought last previous years designs were quite very clever as they incorporated the white lid as cap for Father Christmas and the Penguin.

We’d love to know what you think, leave a comment below.

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Have you see the Costa Coffee Christmas 2015 Branding?

I popped into the local Costa between meetings this afternoon to get a well earned coffee and took the chance to take some pictures of their Christmas 2015 trading.
Costa Coffee 2015 Christmas Branding

This year they have a nice dark brown, cup with a little Christmas penguin wearing a yellow scarf.



Their Christmas Shortcake Biscuit Lollipop would go rather nicely with a coffee.

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Starbucks Christmas 2015 – Gift ideas for coffee lovers.

Taking my role as “The Christmas Blogger” really seriously I do like to record the branding used by the major coffee shops each Christmas.  I stopped at a Starbucks last week and spotted their Christmas chocolate bars on the counter. I then turned around and they had a whole wall of coffee related Christmas gift ideas.

Starbucks Branding Christmas 2015

Starbucks Christmas chocolate. Festive mile chocolate with cinnamon crisp and spice. I think this would go rather nicely with a cup of coffee. 


Starbucks Viia Ready Brew Christmas Blend 2015. Spicy and sweet with rare aged Sumatra. 100% Arabica instant and micro ground coffee. 12 Sachets. Pictured next to their Gingerbread syrup.


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Costa Coffee Christmas 2014 Branding

I ordered a coffee today and only noticed when I’d finished it that it was actually a little Father Christmas design…

IMG_3267 Costa Coffee Christmas 2014 Branding



I thought this was really effective.  If you spot any clever Christmas branding please send me a picture to publish on the blog.


Updated: Jan 2nd 2015 – Just spotted the Costa Winter Cup.

Costa Coffee Winter 2014/2015 Winter Cup

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