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4 Great Christmas Pudding Recipes for Stir-Up Sunday. #Christmas

4 Great Christmas Pudding Recipes for Stir-Up Sunday. #Christmas

It's officially stir-up Sunday and time to make your Christmas Puddings. Jamie Oliver Christmas Pudding Recipe This Christmas Pudding Recipe from Jamie Oliver was released via Youtube earlier this week and looks like a nice light fruit pudding. For the recipe:...

Figgy’s Luxurious Christmas Pudding

We usually make our Christmas Puddings each year.  This is not because I think that everything has to be home made or that my Christmas Puddings are anything special but I just don’t think that bought puddings taste as good. Most bought puddings are stodgy and have...

Getting Ready for the August Bank Holiday Weekend

I'm just planning what I need to buy in for next weekend. It's going to be busy as I've decided to break with tradition this year and instead of waiting for Stir-up Sunday, I'm going to make my Christmas Cake and Christmas Puddings over the August Bank Holiday...

Are you ready for stir up Sunday?

For various reasons I knew I would be really busy this Christmas so I made my Christmas cake and Christmas Pudding back in October.  I'm slightly sad that I wont therefore be keeping up the tradition of Stir Up Sunday this year. The season of Advent which is the time...

This Christmas will be a good time to enjoy a glass of Champagne.

Following on from my Christmas Pudding recipe a few days ago I was pleased to see a report in todays Observer about a glut of Champagne on the market this Christmas.   Apparently with the credit crunch and the recession over the past year, cases of Champagne have been...

Christmas Pudding Recipes

I have just added a page for my Christmas Pudding Recipe. I've been perfecting this recipe for a number of years now and I hope you like it. If you have any alternative Christmas Pudding recipes you'd like to share please e-mail them to me or leave a comment below.