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The top 5 most frequently asked How to questions this Christmas.

According to the annual Google Trends the top five most frequently asked "How to..." Christmas related questions this year were: How to make a Christmas wreath? How to make Christmas decorations? How to cook a Christmas Turkey? How to draw a Christmas tree? How to...

Mantlepiece runner for Christmas.

I spotted the brilliant handmade Christmas mantlepiece runner earlier today when Cruickshank Crafts posted a picture and a link to their blog marking 6 months until Christmas.   I love this type of handmade and personal Christmas decoration.  I find this so much more...

New Christmas Tree Gallery

I do like to see a Christmas tree which has been decorated simply or with lovely personal homemade decorations.     I've now added a Christmas Tree Gallery page to this site where I'll be posting pictures of Christmas tree's.  I hope these give you some...

Christmas Bargain

I never buy Christmas cards for next Christmas in the January sales as it just doesn't seem in the spirit of Christmas. In fact, buying Christmas cards and wrapping paper is probably one of the first things to do on my Christmas 'To do' list. However, I am willing to...

5 Christmas decorations ideas you can make with your kids

We encourage guest blogs and we're please to bring you this guest blog from Michael Curtis. If you have similar inspiring good advise or stories please get in touch.   Five Christmas decorations ideas you can make with your kids Two years ago, on dark and stormy...

When should you decorate your home for Christmas?

With just 40 days to go now until Christmas Day, it's time to think about how you will decorate your house and table this Christmas and start to gather what you are going to need.  But when should you actually put up your Christmas decorations?  Until the 1980's my...

Is this the first town to switch on their Christmas lights?

It's now 124 days until Christmas and the BBC website is reporting that a Greater Manchetster town has put up their Christmas lights and will be progressively switching them on  as we get closer to Christmas. (See the full story on the BBC Website - click here.)   Is...