A quick visit to Debenhams in Leeds for some Christmas shopping

A quick blog post today with some pictures of a recent shopping trip to Debenhams in Leeds city centre (November 2015). The shop windows looked great just as it was getting dark outside.




Debenhams Leeds shop windows

Debenhams Leeds shop windows

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It’s beginning to look a lot like Autumn


Organic tomato and chilli chutney recipe

Sunday 16th September 2012 has been the sort of day I like.  Bright and warm with a nice gentle breeze.  I was planning to make my Chilli Chutney next weekend but after looking at the tomato plants full of fresh ripe fruit I thought I’d better do the first batch this afternoon.   We’ve been really lucky this year with the tomatoes and even the chillis have given us a good crop after initially looking doubtful with the cold wet start to the summer.   Anyway I highly recommend making your own Chilli and Tomato Chutney either for yourself or as a nice homemade present to give friends and family for Christmas.  For more information click here for my Chilli Chutney recipe. 

Jobs for next weekend include making the main batch of chutney and harvesting our lavender.

Meanwhile last night saw the start of this years Strictly Come Dancing.  It’s a bit of fun and is another one of those things that for me marks the start of the countdown to Christmas.

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Make your Christmas Chilli and Tomato Chutney this weekend

Looking at my tomato plants this morning there are lots of under-ripe fruits which as we start to get colder evenings probably wont ripen and risk going bad on the plants.  With this in mind I think this is a good weekend to make my Chilli and Tomato Chutney recipe.    The only problem is that this is so tasty with cheese and biscuits that you won’t have any left by Christmas.  Click here for my Christmas Chilli and Tomato Chutney recipe.

Have a nice weekend, Only 97 days to go!

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Thinking about Christmas Food

At this time of year if you have a garden there will be lots of fresh food around.  I’ve been working on my Chilli Chutney recipe today as a way of using up some of the tomatoes and chillies we’ve managed to grow this season.   It will be great to put a few jars away and enjoy this with the remains of the turkey and other cold meats at Christmas.  I hope to get some time to type up this recipe and share it with you at the weekend.

In the meantime if you’ve got any great recipes which use fresh ingredients from this summers harvest which we can enjoy at Christmas please let me know.  (If you don’t want to post a comment just see my e-mail details on the about page.)

If you haven’t got a garden you can still spread the cost of Christmas by buying a few bits and pieces each week, for example jars of pickles, mincemeat, dried fruit for your Christmas pudding and Christmas cake etc, these all have a long shelf life and will see you up to when you need them at Christmas.

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