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Harvest Festival

It's Harvest Festival this Sunday at our local church and I'm busy in the kitchen and the garden making the most of our own modest harvest.  It's not as if we grow much but it's always nice to have some food fresh from the garden.  I always grow tomatoes, chilli...

Make your Christmas Chilli and Tomato Chutney this weekend

Looking at my tomato plants this morning there are lots of under-ripe fruits which as we start to get colder evenings probably wont ripen and risk going bad on the plants.  With this in mind I think this is a good weekend to make my Chilli and Tomato Chutney recipe....

Thinking about Christmas Food

At this time of year if you have a garden there will be lots of fresh food around.  I've been working on my Chilli Chutney recipe today as a way of using up some of the tomatoes and chillies we've managed to grow this season.   It will be great to put a few jars away...

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