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Reusable Advent Calendar

Reusable Advent Calendar

Reusable wooden advent calendar I spotted this in the gift shop at Wimpole Hall (National Trust) this weekend and thought what a great idea. So many of the advent calendars we see are a mix of cardboard and single use plastic and hard to recycle. This on the other...

Unusual Christmas Advent Calendars

Unusual Christmas Advent Calendars

NOËL SUBLIME Christmas Advent Calendar £39 This is rather special and something you might give as a corporate gift or as a thankyou to someone in the run up to Christmas Nestled in an elegant gift set, painted in black & gold and decorated with silver stars, this...

Advent Calendar on sale before we’ve even had Halloween.

I know we say it every year, but the shops seem to get ready for Christmas a little bit earlier every year.  As far as I'm concerned selling advent calendars before we've even had Halloween is ridiculous.  Although I normally love Waitrose  I was disappointed to stand...

Get your Advent Calendar Ready

Don't forget that the First Sunday in Advent (Sunday 27th November this year) is when you should open the first door on your advent calendar.  If you are a Good Parent to any children then its traditionally your privilege to give them an Advent Calendar's as a...

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