The top 5 most frequently asked How to questions this Christmas.

According to the annual Google Trends the top five most frequently asked “How to…” Christmas related questions this year were:

  1. How to make a Christmas wreath?
  2. How to make Christmas decorations?
  3. How to cook a Christmas Turkey?
  4. How to draw a Christmas tree?
  5. How to decorate a Christmas tree?

That’s give me plenty of ideas for great blogs over the coming months.  This year we had lots of people reading my “How to cook a turkey” blog from a couple of years ago.  This blog looks at 6 top tips from professional chefs that you can use in your own kitchen. Its worth reading again and trying these tips next time you do roast chicken as the same tips work for that as well.

Top Christmas related How To's 2015

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Have you see the Costa Coffee Christmas 2015 Branding?

I popped into the local Costa between meetings this afternoon to get a well earned coffee and took the chance to take some pictures of their Christmas 2015 trading.
Costa Coffee 2015 Christmas Branding

This year they have a nice dark brown, cup with a little Christmas penguin wearing a yellow scarf.



Their Christmas Shortcake Biscuit Lollipop would go rather nicely with a coffee.

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Just picked up my Boots Christmas 2015 Catalogue

Just a very quick blog post to let you know that I’ve just picked up a copy of the Boots 2015 Christmas Catalogue in one of their Norwich branches.  I’ve only had a very quick look through so far. I’ll try and get some time this week to pick out a few of my favourite items and write a detailed follow-up blog later in the week.


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Boots Christmas Catalouge 2015?

I’ve had several people asking me if I know when the Boots 2015 Christmas Catalouge 2015 will be out. I asked Boot and they weren’t entirely sure but they probably around October. Most years it arrives around the last week or two in October.

Boots Christmas Gifts Guide 2013

Boots Christmas Gifts Guide 2013

I know lots of people love the Boots Christmas 3 for 2 mix and match special offers at Christmas.  Their catalogue also tends to contain some nice thoughtful and new gift ideas.

Boots Christmas Catalogue 2011

I’ve enjoyed reviewing the Boots Christmas Gift Guide for many years, while you wait for the 2015 guide to arrive why not have a look at a few of my blog posts from previous years.

Boots Christmas Catalouge 2011

Boots Christmas Catalouge 2013

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RI Christmas Lectures 2015 Announced today: How to survive in space.

How to survive in space 2015Today the Royal Institute (RI) announced that this year’s Christmas Lecturer is Dr Kevin Fong, an emergency doctor and expert in space medicine. He will present the three part CHRISTMAS LECTURES series ‘How to survive in space’ on BBC Four this Christmas.

In celebration of British astronaut Tim Peake’s upcoming mission to the International Space Station (ISS), this year’s Lectures will shine a spotlight on international achievements in space science and engineering.

Kevin and the ISS astronauts will open a window onto today’s most exciting space missions, explore the future of space travel and offer a unique insight into the challenges of protecting human life in the hostile environment of space.

The 2015 CHRISTMAS LECTURES will consist of three hour-long Lectures filmed in front of a Iive audience at the Royal Institution over three evenings on Thursday 17 December, Saturday 19 December and Tuesday 22 December. They will be broadcast on BBC Four over the festive period.

To find out how to apply for tickets click here.

When the transmission date and time are confirmed we’ll update this blog post.

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