Saturday September 11th 2010 – 104 Days to go

It was quite funny this morning, I was enjoying my first cup of coffee of the day and in the background I was listening to Radio 4’s Today Programme.  Someone made the mistake of giving John Humphrys a Christmas news story about shops stocking mince pies in September… he got half way through the article and then went into his grumpy old man act routine. I know exactly what he means, who really wants to eat a minced pie in September?

Meanwhile I notice that on Twitter this morning many people are commenting that they will start to feel they are in the run-up to Christmas tonight with the start of the BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing, which I suppose is true. Personally I can’t be fussed with it and they way they drag it out.  I am however looking forward to the Last Night of the Proms tonight, for me this really does mark the end of Summer and is always a little sad after such a good Proms season this year.

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