Sainsbury’s Christmas Magazine 2014: 25 day countdown to Christmas

I’m now working through a pile of leaflets and catalogues from Christmas 2014 to see what I want to archive and what’s going to be heading to the recycling bin. I’m going to keep a few things as examples of marketing, branding and what was the fashion for Christmas 2014. I’ll highlight a few things I liked as we go but that’s not the primary goal of this blog post.  We’re doing this so that we can track how Christmas is changing each year and reference back to this in the future. I’d love to receive similar items from the 1970, 60’s and so on if you have any lurking in cupboards anywhere.

Sainsbury's Christmas 2014 Magazine cover page


The cover page says “Let it snow, share the festive magic”.

Sainsbury's Christmas Page 3 Main Contents Page

The introduction starts by saying: This year we’ve been thinking about what’s really important at Christmas, and what matters the most when the festive season rolls around is sharing the good times with your loved ones. If that means giving yourself a break with a few strategic cheats then so be it….   I would say “strategic cheats” was a key theme picked up by the UK supermarkets in Christmas 2014. If you recall Christmas Day 2014  was on a Thursday so people either took the whole week off work or ended up working right up to Christmas Eve. With little time to prepare people were looking for ways to make Christmas simple and stress free.

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