Royal Institution Christmas Lecture 2017

Royal Institution Christmas Lecture 2016
I’ll be  tuning into the CHRISTMAS LECTURES at 8pm on BBC Four tonight as chemist Professor Saiful Islam explores one of humankind’s biggest challenges: how to generate and store energy. With guest appearances from Christmas Lecturers past, Saiful will lead us on an incredible journey through energy – with nods to Lectures past and spectacular 21st century demonstrations of the power of energy.
The full broadcast dates and titles of this year’s Lectures are:
Let there be Light! Monday 26 December, 8pm
People Power Tuesday 27 December, 8pm
Fully charged Wednesday 30 December, 8pm

There will be a live tweet stream along with each broadcast – join the conversation by tweeting @Ri_Science or using the hashtag #xmaslectures.


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