Research claims 48% of people have already started buying their Christmas presents.

I’ve been encouraging people to shop early for Christmas for a few weeks now so I was very interested to spot the report of this research today.

According to research commissioned by Asda (the UK name for Walmart) 48% of the 8,000 people they surveyed said they had already bought some of their Christmas presents. Three quarters claimed it was an attempt to spread the cost of Christmas.

They also claimed that one in ten said they wouldn’t be sending any Christmas cards, with more than half saying it was an attempt to save money.   Certainly in many of the offices I visit people now prefer to hold a collection for charity instead of giving each other Christmas cards.

With only three more pay days until Christmas,time is running out for those who want to plan ahead for Christmas and spread the cost.

If you haven’t already, I highly recommend you read my September Pre-Christmas Planning Guide and start planning ahead for Christmas.

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