Remember Webb Ivory?

I was recently purchasing Christmas Cards and I mentioned in a previous post.  Seeing that so many cards are now for charities, I suddenly remembered that from my childhood my Mum had always purchased her cards, wrapping paper and even some children’s toys from a catalogue called Webb Ivory.  I think this magazine was sent home via my brother’s scout group.  Webb Ivory was unique as 25% of sales went to charity.  It also use to stock many personalised gifts.  I particularly remember being so excited to receive silver necklace which said my name.  I think a lot of girls had these in the 1980’s and they sort of went out of fashion until Carrie Bradshaw famously got a Carrie necklace in Sex in the City.

Webb Ivory Website

Webb Ivory Website

Webb Ivory was part of the burton mail group and was in trouble a few years back but it looks like it still has an on-line presence and you can order their catalogue.  I was pleased to see that the logo looks the same as it did in the 1980’s.  I have enjoyed my nostalgic look at Christmases past via Webb Ivory.  Do let me know if you have brought from them in recent years?  Were they any good?

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