Reasons to shop online this Christmas

It’s being reported that oil tankers are ankered in the North Sea refusing to dock because the longer they stay out at sea the more valuable their cargo becomes. With petrol expected to reach a record high before Christmas many will have to think twice before running to the stores in their car. If you can’t face trying to make your way home on public transport with all your Christmas presents then shopping online is by far your best alternative. I’m not aware of any research to confirm my theory but I would be surprised if the carbon footprint of online purchases is a fraction of that involved in bricks and mortar. By the time you’ve driven through the traffic jams, sat in the queue for the car park and finally made your way into to a brightly lit, over heated high street store only to find that they have sold out of what you are looking for, you could have done all your shopping on-line.

The main downside with buying online is needing to be at home to sign for the delivery but good sites like our sponsors iAdoreYour Gifts & jewellery allow you for a small fee to specify the delivery date, so you can schedule the delivery for a Saturday or a day you know you’re going to be at home. Many sites also allow you to specfify your office or workplace as a delivery address.

The best advice is as ever, get your shopping online or on the high street out of the way as early as possible this year.

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