Reaction to the 2018 John Lewis Christmas Advert #Christmas

As ever lots of us have been waiting for the last few weeks to see what John Lewis would come up with this year for their Christmas Advert. All was revealed yesterday morning (Thursday 15th November 2018) when they released their Elton John life story advert.

John Lewis Elton John Christmas Advert

If you haven’t seen it already then, here’s a link to it on YouTube.

In summary the advert is about how receiving a Piano for Christmas from his mum and gran, was more than a gift and set the direction he would follow for the rest of his life.  My initial initial thought on watching it for the first time is I wonder if John Lewis actually sell Piano’s as I can’t recall ever seeing one in their stores and I wouldn’t know which department to find one in. Wouldn’t it be great if they had a musical instruments department, provided lessons and ran events in store, somethimg along the lines of what Apple are doing with ‘Today at Apple’.

Anyway, the most intesrting thing for me this year is how other retailers embraced this event and joined in the fun.

LIDL respond to John Lewis Christmas advert


Netflix respond to John Lewis Christmas Advert

eBay responds to John Lewis Christmas

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