Planning your Christmas Works Celebration

I once knew someone who organised their works Christmas do in August as she liked to organised!  If the thought of booking Christmas that early is too much, then may be now might be ok?  It is the 1st of October on Thursday and the best places will be getting booked up.  Whatever, yo do try and make is special, after all, you can go for curry at any time of the year.  The tribute band nights out are usually good as you can spend the night dressed as the tribute band yourself which saves you having to work out what to wear.

If you are more of a foody and less of a party diva then a delicious Christmas meal could be the order of the day.  These should be competitively price as restaurants will want your business in the run up to Christmas.  If you would like to recommend anywhere local to you or of any tribute bands playing near you near Christmas, then let me know.


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