Operation Christmas Child

With 16 weekends until Christmas I’ve heard several people have started to receive charity Christmas catalogues this week and the mince pies have suddenly appeared in Marks & Spencer and other supermarkets.  Those arranging charity collections are busy putting their plans into action and its time we all start to plan how we’ll try and make Christmas special for people who have not been as lucky or fourtenate as us.

Operation Christmas Child is something you can get involved with to a greater or lesser extent.   Just in case you do not know what Operation Christmas Child is, every year volunteers cover old shoe boxes in Christmas Wrapping paper and fill them with gifts that are gender and age appropriate. Many local churches and organisations arrange a day whereby they create and pack the shoe boxes. You can either get involved in this or just buy a few things to take along that can be packed as part of a present. In popular demand are gifts for older boys such as a hat and scarf, or toiletries for boys such as toothpaste, a toothbrush and a comb. For younger children colouring books and crayons are great.  For just a few pounds you could really let someone know that people care about them and make their Christmas a little more enjoyable.   There are guidelines for what to buy, how to pack the boxes and general information regarding Operation Christmas Child at http://www.operationchristmaschild.org.uk/

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