New iPod for Christmas?

Today (9/9/2009) Steve Jobs of Apple announced their Christmas line up of iPod models following on from the launch of the iPhone 3GS a few months ago.   The new range sees the entry price of the iPod Touch dropping to just £149.  This seems like great value for a device which is a pocket computer, allowing you to check your e-mail, surf the web over wi-fi and run other applications, it also a good iPod and a great portal games machine.

The new iPod Nano now starts at £115 and includes a video camera, FM radio and a Pedometer so you can track how far you walk each day.   The new iPod shuffles now start at just £45 and come in a range of new colours, functionally the main change is the addition of the new Voice Over feature which announces the name of the track you are about to listen to.

With the new range and new pricing one of the new iPods would make a great Christmas present for someone who is still using one of the older first or second generation iPods and who doesn’t want to take on the ongoing cost of running an iPhone.

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