Mantlepiece runner for Christmas.

I spotted the brilliant handmade Christmas mantlepiece runner earlier today when Cruickshank Crafts posted a picture and a link to their blog marking 6 months until Christmas.

 mantle piece runner for Christmas.

I love this type of handmade and personal Christmas decoration.  I find this so much more stylish than anything you’ll find in the shops.  Anyway I thought I share this with you today, well ahead of Christmas to give you some inspiration when planning your Christmas decorations.  I highly recommend popping over to Cruickshank Crafts to read the full article.   Last Christmas I pointed out a few Christmas tree’s that had been decorated with mostly handmade decorations.

Christmas tree decorated with homemade Christmas decorations

It may not be for everyone but why not try and get the family involved this year in making the decorations for the tree rather than just buying ready made decorations.  It’s a great way to spend cold rainy weekends with the children in October, November and December…

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