Making roast potatoes and parsnips easier this Christmas

When cooking for lots of people at Christmas its easy to run out of oven space.  Over the years I’ve noticed that I need to put my roast potatoes onto two baking trays.  The trays I have are just a little two wide to allow me to get two side by side on the shelf so I end up using two shelves and then run out of space in the oven.

Todays Christmas planning tip: Measure your oven and get baking trays that use the full width of the shelf.


Wide baking tray

I’ve just treated myself this wide Good Housekeeping baking tray.  As you can see from the pictures above it is exactly the right width to fit my oven and makes good use of the whole space.  When shopping for a baking tray to use for roast vegetables I like one with shallow sides.  I find this works best in a fan oven for browning and crisping roast vegetables.

So with about a week to go why not review what trays and pans you’ll be using to cook Christmas lunch – getting the right trays can make all the difference.

Good luck and let me know how you get on.

Update November 2015:

Since I wrote the above blog in 2012 the Good Housekeeping large tray seems to no longer be available on Amazon. Instead you might want to look at the Everyday version, click here. Best to have a measure of your oven and see what the maximum tray size is that your oven will take. If you then search on Amazon for LARGE BAKING TRAY you’ll find various sizes, just pick the one that’s right for you.

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