John Lewis Christmas 2014 Advert has arrived…

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This years John Lewis Christmas advert is very much in the same vain as their 2011 campaign where Christmas giving is seen through the eyes of a child.  The 2014 advert sees a little boy called Sam playing with his best friend who happens to be a CGI penguin called Monty.  Monty is sad because he wants a special friend so Sam gives Monty a fellow penguin called Mabel for Christmas.

John Lennon’s Real Love plays in the background sung by Tom Odell.  I love that this advert starts during the Summer showing the relationship between Sam and his best friend Monty.  As the year goes on Sam becomes aware of the relationship couples have and realises this is what he needs to do for Monty.  It gives the viewer the feeling that Christmas with loved ones isn’t just about the 25th December.  It also gives John Lewis the opportunity to showcase clothing, homeware, and Christmas decorations throughout the advert, with Sam’s hat changing at least once!  Ultimately, the advert will give its audience a warm Christmasy glow and will see sales of Tom Odell’s song and the cuddly toy version of Monty the penguin saw.


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