Jam for Christmas

This is the seasons for blackberries, blueberries, cherries, nectarines, plums and strawberries and with these long summer evenings now is the perfect time to make jars of jam to give as gifts to your friends and family at Christmas. If you don’t save your jam jars and marmalade jars why not start saving them over the next few weeks so that you can have a good Jam making session in August.

I love opening a jar of homemade jam during the winter months. The fresh clean taste of the fruit instantly takes me back to the previous summer. There’s noting quite like the taste of homemade jam. In the Winter when I run out of my own Jam I try various jars from the supermarket but none of them are quite the same.

So with this all in mind I really think that giving friends and family a jar of your precious homemade jam as a special Christmas present is a wonderful idea. You can turn it into a little work of art with a lovely label and a ribbon.

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