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It looks like Christmas Shopping has started this weekend

I hope you’ve had a nice weekend and I’m wondering if you’ve started your Christmas shopping yet.  On Saturday morning I made the mistake of thinking I’d just pop into Norwich City Centre to do a little shopping only to find that the traffic was at Christmas levels and it took ages to get in and out of the City.  I got home and looked at Twitter and I saw similar reporting coming in from across the country.  The theory is that last weekend we enjoyed the Indian-summer with many having bar-be-ques out in their gardens and the shops were empty.  This weekend the weather was much more seasonal and after a week of not shopping everyone went shopping at once to try and find something warm to wear for the winter and I suspect to start Christmas shopping.

Next Directory For Christmas 2011

The Christmas catalogues have started to arrive.  This years Christmas Next Directory arrived last week like clockwork on exactly the same weekend as last year.

Christmas Planning Tip: If you see something in a store or in a catalogue that you really want to buy for Christmas I would really recommend that you order it sooner rather than later.  Retailers are having a difficult year and you can bet that they won’t be carrying any more stock than they are certain they can sell, so if an item is popular there is a good chance they will sell out well before Christmas this year.




Mother Care Christmas 2011The Mothercare Christmas 2011 catalogue has also arrived.  It’s packed with lovely gift ideas for Children and I know the Grandparents will enjoy looking through this and wondering what to buy.

I’ll let you know as I receive Christmas catalogues this year and will try and highlight anything which I think is new or extra special.  If you’ve seen something that you think is amazing do let me know in a comment below.


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