Is it Christmas yet… 

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So when is Christmas?

Christmas is on December 25th 2019 in the UK and the in most branches of the Christian faith. This is not universal as different branches of the Christian faith have disagreed over the years about the date Jesus was born and some celebrate Christmas in January. It is widely thought that the date of Christmas was moved to December 25th to replace an earlier pagan festival held on or around December 25th.

Is it Christmas yet, isn’t a silly question?

When we see people searching for this question we think it’s most likely people wondering if it’s Christmas in different timezones a little like how people follow New Years day around the globe.

Fri 06-Dec-2019
Fri 13-Dec-2019
Fri 20-Dec-2019

3 Fridays until Christmas 2019

As of: Thursday, December 5, 2019 at 17:26:58

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