How to cook your Christmas Lunch in a slow Cooker.

How to cook Christmas lunch in a slow cooker.How to cook a turkey in a slow cooker

Just a quick update to share with you this story from the BBC website this morning. Anna Allatt has written a good article on the growing popularity of slow cookers. As an example of how useful they are and the merits of this way of cooking Anna demonstrates how to cook a turkey in a slow cooker.

Turkey can easily be a dry tasteless meat if you don’t get the cooking and prep just right. Slow cookers are a great way to cook cheaper cuts of meat  like pork shoulder and lamb shanks, but when you use one for a turkey the results seem to be very moist tender meat. The meat has also been cooked with the vegetables and some wine which should all help give the meat flavour.

The other great thing about cooking turkey this way is that it takes 12 hours. That means you can do all the prep and start it cooking nicely on Christmas Eve. On Christmas Day you just need to use your main oven for roast potetoes etc.

You can find the full article over on the BBC Web Site. 

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