How many weekends until Christmas?


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Sat 03-Jan-1970
Sat 10-Jan-1970
Sat 17-Jan-1970
Sat 24-Jan-1970
Sat 31-Jan-1970
Sat 07-Feb-1970
Sat 14-Feb-1970
Sat 21-Feb-1970
Sat 28-Feb-1970
Sat 07-Mar-1970
Sat 14-Mar-1970
Sat 21-Mar-1970
Sat 28-Mar-1970
Sat 04-Apr-1970
Sat 11-Apr-1970
Sat 18-Apr-1970
Sat 25-Apr-1970
Sat 02-May-1970
Sat 09-May-1970
Sat 16-May-1970
Sat 23-May-1970
Sat 30-May-1970
Sat 06-Jun-1970
Sat 13-Jun-1970
Sat 20-Jun-1970
Sat 27-Jun-1970
Sat 04-Jul-1970
Sat 11-Jul-1970
Sat 18-Jul-1970
Sat 25-Jul-1970
Sat 01-Aug-1970
Sat 08-Aug-1970
Sat 15-Aug-1970
Sat 22-Aug-1970
Sat 29-Aug-1970
Sat 05-Sep-1970
Sat 12-Sep-1970
Sat 19-Sep-1970
Sat 26-Sep-1970
Sat 03-Oct-1970
Sat 10-Oct-1970
Sat 17-Oct-1970
Sat 24-Oct-1970
Sat 31-Oct-1970
Sat 07-Nov-1970
Sat 14-Nov-1970
Sat 21-Nov-1970
Sat 28-Nov-1970
Sat 05-Dec-1970
Sat 12-Dec-1970
Sat 19-Dec-1970
Sat 26-Dec-1970
Sat 02-Jan-1971
Sat 09-Jan-1971
Sat 16-Jan-1971
Sat 23-Jan-1971
Sat 30-Jan-1971
Sat 06-Feb-1971
Sat 13-Feb-1971
Sat 20-Feb-1971
Sat 27-Feb-1971
Sat 06-Mar-1971
Sat 13-Mar-1971
Sat 20-Mar-1971
Sat 27-Mar-1971
Sat 03-Apr-1971
Sat 10-Apr-1971
Sat 17-Apr-1971
Sat 24-Apr-1971
Sat 01-May-1971
Sat 08-May-1971
Sat 15-May-1971
Sat 22-May-1971
Sat 29-May-1971
Sat 05-Jun-1971
Sat 12-Jun-1971
Sat 19-Jun-1971
Sat 26-Jun-1971
Sat 03-Jul-1971
Sat 10-Jul-1971
Sat 17-Jul-1971
Sat 24-Jul-1971
Sat 31-Jul-1971
Sat 07-Aug-1971
Sat 14-Aug-1971
Sat 21-Aug-1971
Sat 28-Aug-1971
Sat 04-Sep-1971
Sat 11-Sep-1971
Sat 18-Sep-1971
Sat 25-Sep-1971
Sat 02-Oct-1971
Sat 09-Oct-1971
Sat 16-Oct-1971
Sat 23-Oct-1971
Sat 30-Oct-1971
Sat 06-Nov-1971
Sat 13-Nov-1971
Sat 20-Nov-1971
Sat 27-Nov-1971
Sat 04-Dec-1971
Sat 11-Dec-1971
Sat 18-Dec-1971
Sat 25-Dec-1971
Sat 01-Jan-1972
Sat 08-Jan-1972
Sat 15-Jan-1972
Sat 22-Jan-1972
Sat 29-Jan-1972
Sat 05-Feb-1972
Sat 12-Feb-1972
Sat 19-Feb-1972
Sat 26-Feb-1972
Sat 04-Mar-1972
Sat 11-Mar-1972
Sat 18-Mar-1972
Sat 25-Mar-1972
Sat 01-Apr-1972
Sat 08-Apr-1972
Sat 15-Apr-1972
Sat 22-Apr-1972
Sat 29-Apr-1972
Sat 06-May-1972
Sat 13-May-1972
Sat 20-May-1972
Sat 27-May-1972
Sat 03-Jun-1972
Sat 10-Jun-1972
Sat 17-Jun-1972
Sat 24-Jun-1972
Sat 01-Jul-1972
Sat 08-Jul-1972
Sat 15-Jul-1972
Sat 22-Jul-1972
Sat 29-Jul-1972
Sat 05-Aug-1972
Sat 12-Aug-1972
Sat 19-Aug-1972
Sat 26-Aug-1972
Sat 02-Sep-1972
Sat 09-Sep-1972
Sat 16-Sep-1972
Sat 23-Sep-1972
Sat 30-Sep-1972
Sat 07-Oct-1972
Sat 14-Oct-1972
Sat 21-Oct-1972
Sat 28-Oct-1972
Sat 04-Nov-1972
Sat 11-Nov-1972
Sat 18-Nov-1972
Sat 25-Nov-1972
Sat 02-Dec-1972
Sat 09-Dec-1972
Sat 16-Dec-1972
Sat 23-Dec-1972
Sat 30-Dec-1972
Sat 06-Jan-1973
Sat 13-Jan-1973
Sat 20-Jan-1973
Sat 27-Jan-1973
Sat 03-Feb-1973
Sat 10-Feb-1973
Sat 17-Feb-1973
Sat 24-Feb-1973
Sat 03-Mar-1973
Sat 10-Mar-1973
Sat 17-Mar-1973
Sat 24-Mar-1973
Sat 31-Mar-1973
Sat 07-Apr-1973
Sat 14-Apr-1973
Sat 21-Apr-1973
Sat 28-Apr-1973
Sat 05-May-1973
Sat 12-May-1973
Sat 19-May-1973
Sat 26-May-1973
Sat 02-Jun-1973
Sat 09-Jun-1973
Sat 16-Jun-1973
Sat 23-Jun-1973
Sat 30-Jun-1973
Sat 07-Jul-1973
Sat 14-Jul-1973
Sat 21-Jul-1973
Sat 28-Jul-1973
Sat 04-Aug-1973
Sat 11-Aug-1973
Sat 18-Aug-1973
Sat 25-Aug-1973
Sat 01-Sep-1973
Sat 08-Sep-1973
Sat 15-Sep-1973
Sat 22-Sep-1973
Sat 29-Sep-1973
Sat 06-Oct-1973
Sat 13-Oct-1973
Sat 20-Oct-1973
Sat 27-Oct-1973
Sat 03-Nov-1973
Sat 10-Nov-1973
Sat 17-Nov-1973
Sat 24-Nov-1973
Sat 01-Dec-1973
Sat 08-Dec-1973
Sat 15-Dec-1973
Sat 22-Dec-1973
Sat 29-Dec-1973
Sat 05-Jan-1974
Sat 12-Jan-1974
Sat 19-Jan-1974
Sat 26-Jan-1974
Sat 02-Feb-1974
Sat 09-Feb-1974
Sat 16-Feb-1974
Sat 23-Feb-1974
Sat 02-Mar-1974
Sat 09-Mar-1974
Sat 16-Mar-1974
Sat 23-Mar-1974
Sat 30-Mar-1974
Sat 06-Apr-1974
Sat 13-Apr-1974
Sat 20-Apr-1974
Sat 27-Apr-1974
Sat 04-May-1974
Sat 11-May-1974
Sat 18-May-1974
Sat 25-May-1974
Sat 01-Jun-1974
Sat 08-Jun-1974
Sat 15-Jun-1974
Sat 22-Jun-1974
Sat 29-Jun-1974
Sat 06-Jul-1974
Sat 13-Jul-1974
Sat 20-Jul-1974
Sat 27-Jul-1974
Sat 03-Aug-1974
Sat 10-Aug-1974
Sat 17-Aug-1974
Sat 24-Aug-1974
Sat 31-Aug-1974
Sat 07-Sep-1974
Sat 14-Sep-1974
Sat 21-Sep-1974
Sat 28-Sep-1974
Sat 05-Oct-1974
Sat 12-Oct-1974
Sat 19-Oct-1974
Sat 26-Oct-1974
Sat 02-Nov-1974
Sat 09-Nov-1974
Sat 16-Nov-1974
Sat 23-Nov-1974
Sat 30-Nov-1974
Sat 07-Dec-1974
Sat 14-Dec-1974
Sat 21-Dec-1974
Sat 28-Dec-1974
Sat 04-Jan-1975
Sat 11-Jan-1975
Sat 18-Jan-1975
Sat 25-Jan-1975
Sat 01-Feb-1975
Sat 08-Feb-1975
Sat 15-Feb-1975
Sat 22-Feb-1975
Sat 01-Mar-1975
Sat 08-Mar-1975
Sat 15-Mar-1975
Sat 22-Mar-1975
Sat 29-Mar-1975
Sat 05-Apr-1975
Sat 12-Apr-1975
Sat 19-Apr-1975
Sat 26-Apr-1975
Sat 03-May-1975
Sat 10-May-1975
Sat 17-May-1975
Sat 24-May-1975
Sat 31-May-1975
Sat 07-Jun-1975
Sat 14-Jun-1975
Sat 21-Jun-1975
Sat 28-Jun-1975
Sat 05-Jul-1975
Sat 12-Jul-1975
Sat 19-Jul-1975
Sat 26-Jul-1975
Sat 02-Aug-1975
Sat 09-Aug-1975
Sat 16-Aug-1975
Sat 23-Aug-1975
Sat 30-Aug-1975
Sat 06-Sep-1975
Sat 13-Sep-1975
Sat 20-Sep-1975
Sat 27-Sep-1975
Sat 04-Oct-1975
Sat 11-Oct-1975
Sat 18-Oct-1975
Sat 25-Oct-1975
Sat 01-Nov-1975
Sat 08-Nov-1975
Sat 15-Nov-1975
Sat 22-Nov-1975
Sat 29-Nov-1975
Sat 06-Dec-1975
Sat 13-Dec-1975
Sat 20-Dec-1975
Sat 27-Dec-1975
Sat 03-Jan-1976
Sat 10-Jan-1976
Sat 17-Jan-1976
Sat 24-Jan-1976
Sat 31-Jan-1976
Sat 07-Feb-1976
Sat 14-Feb-1976
Sat 21-Feb-1976
Sat 28-Feb-1976
Sat 06-Mar-1976
Sat 13-Mar-1976
Sat 20-Mar-1976
Sat 27-Mar-1976
Sat 03-Apr-1976
Sat 10-Apr-1976
Sat 17-Apr-1976
Sat 24-Apr-1976
Sat 01-May-1976
Sat 08-May-1976
Sat 15-May-1976
Sat 22-May-1976
Sat 29-May-1976
Sat 05-Jun-1976
Sat 12-Jun-1976
Sat 19-Jun-1976
Sat 26-Jun-1976
Sat 03-Jul-1976
Sat 10-Jul-1976
Sat 17-Jul-1976
Sat 24-Jul-1976
Sat 31-Jul-1976
Sat 07-Aug-1976
Sat 14-Aug-1976
Sat 21-Aug-1976
Sat 28-Aug-1976
Sat 04-Sep-1976
Sat 11-Sep-1976
Sat 18-Sep-1976
Sat 25-Sep-1976
Sat 02-Oct-1976
Sat 09-Oct-1976
Sat 16-Oct-1976
Sat 23-Oct-1976
Sat 30-Oct-1976
Sat 06-Nov-1976
Sat 13-Nov-1976
Sat 20-Nov-1976
Sat 27-Nov-1976
Sat 04-Dec-1976
Sat 11-Dec-1976
Sat 18-Dec-1976
Sat 25-Dec-1976
Sat 01-Jan-1977
Sat 08-Jan-1977
Sat 15-Jan-1977
Sat 22-Jan-1977
Sat 29-Jan-1977
Sat 05-Feb-1977
Sat 12-Feb-1977
Sat 19-Feb-1977
Sat 26-Feb-1977
Sat 05-Mar-1977
Sat 12-Mar-1977
Sat 19-Mar-1977
Sat 26-Mar-1977
Sat 02-Apr-1977
Sat 09-Apr-1977
Sat 16-Apr-1977
Sat 23-Apr-1977
Sat 30-Apr-1977
Sat 07-May-1977
Sat 14-May-1977
Sat 21-May-1977
Sat 28-May-1977
Sat 04-Jun-1977
Sat 11-Jun-1977
Sat 18-Jun-1977
Sat 25-Jun-1977
Sat 02-Jul-1977
Sat 09-Jul-1977
Sat 16-Jul-1977
Sat 23-Jul-1977
Sat 30-Jul-1977
Sat 06-Aug-1977
Sat 13-Aug-1977
Sat 20-Aug-1977
Sat 27-Aug-1977
Sat 03-Sep-1977
Sat 10-Sep-1977
Sat 17-Sep-1977
Sat 24-Sep-1977
Sat 01-Oct-1977
Sat 08-Oct-1977
Sat 15-Oct-1977
Sat 22-Oct-1977
Sat 29-Oct-1977
Sat 05-Nov-1977
Sat 12-Nov-1977
Sat 19-Nov-1977
Sat 26-Nov-1977
Sat 03-Dec-1977
Sat 10-Dec-1977
Sat 17-Dec-1977
Sat 24-Dec-1977
Sat 31-Dec-1977
Sat 07-Jan-1978
Sat 14-Jan-1978
Sat 21-Jan-1978
Sat 28-Jan-1978
Sat 04-Feb-1978
Sat 11-Feb-1978
Sat 18-Feb-1978
Sat 25-Feb-1978
Sat 04-Mar-1978
Sat 11-Mar-1978
Sat 18-Mar-1978
Sat 25-Mar-1978
Sat 01-Apr-1978
Sat 08-Apr-1978
Sat 15-Apr-1978
Sat 22-Apr-1978
Sat 29-Apr-1978
Sat 06-May-1978
Sat 13-May-1978
Sat 20-May-1978
Sat 27-May-1978
Sat 03-Jun-1978
Sat 10-Jun-1978
Sat 17-Jun-1978
Sat 24-Jun-1978
Sat 01-Jul-1978
Sat 08-Jul-1978
Sat 15-Jul-1978
Sat 22-Jul-1978
Sat 29-Jul-1978
Sat 05-Aug-1978
Sat 12-Aug-1978
Sat 19-Aug-1978
Sat 26-Aug-1978
Sat 02-Sep-1978
Sat 09-Sep-1978
Sat 16-Sep-1978
Sat 23-Sep-1978
Sat 30-Sep-1978
Sat 07-Oct-1978
Sat 14-Oct-1978
Sat 21-Oct-1978
Sat 28-Oct-1978
Sat 04-Nov-1978
Sat 11-Nov-1978
Sat 18-Nov-1978
Sat 25-Nov-1978
Sat 02-Dec-1978
Sat 09-Dec-1978
Sat 16-Dec-1978
Sat 23-Dec-1978
Sat 30-Dec-1978
Sat 06-Jan-1979
Sat 13-Jan-1979
Sat 20-Jan-1979
Sat 27-Jan-1979
Sat 03-Feb-1979
Sat 10-Feb-1979
Sat 17-Feb-1979
Sat 24-Feb-1979
Sat 03-Mar-1979
Sat 10-Mar-1979
Sat 17-Mar-1979
Sat 24-Mar-1979
Sat 31-Mar-1979
Sat 07-Apr-1979
Sat 14-Apr-1979
Sat 21-Apr-1979
Sat 28-Apr-1979
Sat 05-May-1979
Sat 12-May-1979
Sat 19-May-1979
Sat 26-May-1979
Sat 02-Jun-1979
Sat 09-Jun-1979
Sat 16-Jun-1979
Sat 23-Jun-1979
Sat 30-Jun-1979
Sat 07-Jul-1979
Sat 14-Jul-1979
Sat 21-Jul-1979
Sat 28-Jul-1979
Sat 04-Aug-1979
Sat 11-Aug-1979
Sat 18-Aug-1979
Sat 25-Aug-1979
Sat 01-Sep-1979
Sat 08-Sep-1979
Sat 15-Sep-1979
Sat 22-Sep-1979
Sat 29-Sep-1979
Sat 06-Oct-1979
Sat 13-Oct-1979
Sat 20-Oct-1979
Sat 27-Oct-1979
Sat 03-Nov-1979
Sat 10-Nov-1979
Sat 17-Nov-1979
Sat 24-Nov-1979
Sat 01-Dec-1979
Sat 08-Dec-1979
Sat 15-Dec-1979
Sat 22-Dec-1979
Sat 29-Dec-1979
Sat 05-Jan-1980
Sat 12-Jan-1980
Sat 19-Jan-1980
Sat 26-Jan-1980
Sat 02-Feb-1980
Sat 09-Feb-1980
Sat 16-Feb-1980
Sat 23-Feb-1980
Sat 01-Mar-1980
Sat 08-Mar-1980
Sat 15-Mar-1980
Sat 22-Mar-1980
Sat 29-Mar-1980
Sat 05-Apr-1980
Sat 12-Apr-1980
Sat 19-Apr-1980
Sat 26-Apr-1980
Sat 03-May-1980
Sat 10-May-1980
Sat 17-May-1980
Sat 24-May-1980
Sat 31-May-1980
Sat 07-Jun-1980
Sat 14-Jun-1980
Sat 21-Jun-1980
Sat 28-Jun-1980
Sat 05-Jul-1980
Sat 12-Jul-1980
Sat 19-Jul-1980
Sat 26-Jul-1980
Sat 02-Aug-1980
Sat 09-Aug-1980
Sat 16-Aug-1980
Sat 23-Aug-1980
Sat 30-Aug-1980
Sat 06-Sep-1980
Sat 13-Sep-1980
Sat 20-Sep-1980
Sat 27-Sep-1980
Sat 04-Oct-1980
Sat 11-Oct-1980
Sat 18-Oct-1980
Sat 25-Oct-1980
Sat 01-Nov-1980
Sat 08-Nov-1980
Sat 15-Nov-1980
Sat 22-Nov-1980
Sat 29-Nov-1980
Sat 06-Dec-1980
Sat 13-Dec-1980
Sat 20-Dec-1980
Sat 27-Dec-1980
Sat 03-Jan-1981
Sat 10-Jan-1981
Sat 17-Jan-1981
Sat 24-Jan-1981
Sat 31-Jan-1981
Sat 07-Feb-1981
Sat 14-Feb-1981
Sat 21-Feb-1981
Sat 28-Feb-1981
Sat 07-Mar-1981
Sat 14-Mar-1981
Sat 21-Mar-1981
Sat 28-Mar-1981
Sat 04-Apr-1981
Sat 11-Apr-1981
Sat 18-Apr-1981
Sat 25-Apr-1981
Sat 02-May-1981
Sat 09-May-1981
Sat 16-May-1981
Sat 23-May-1981
Sat 30-May-1981
Sat 06-Jun-1981
Sat 13-Jun-1981
Sat 20-Jun-1981
Sat 27-Jun-1981
Sat 04-Jul-1981
Sat 11-Jul-1981
Sat 18-Jul-1981
Sat 25-Jul-1981
Sat 01-Aug-1981
Sat 08-Aug-1981
Sat 15-Aug-1981
Sat 22-Aug-1981
Sat 29-Aug-1981
Sat 05-Sep-1981
Sat 12-Sep-1981
Sat 19-Sep-1981
Sat 26-Sep-1981
Sat 03-Oct-1981
Sat 10-Oct-1981
Sat 17-Oct-1981
Sat 24-Oct-1981
Sat 31-Oct-1981
Sat 07-Nov-1981
Sat 14-Nov-1981
Sat 21-Nov-1981
Sat 28-Nov-1981
Sat 05-Dec-1981
Sat 12-Dec-1981
Sat 19-Dec-1981
Sat 26-Dec-1981
Sat 02-Jan-1982
Sat 09-Jan-1982
Sat 16-Jan-1982
Sat 23-Jan-1982
Sat 30-Jan-1982
Sat 06-Feb-1982
Sat 13-Feb-1982
Sat 20-Feb-1982
Sat 27-Feb-1982
Sat 06-Mar-1982
Sat 13-Mar-1982
Sat 20-Mar-1982
Sat 27-Mar-1982
Sat 03-Apr-1982
Sat 10-Apr-1982
Sat 17-Apr-1982
Sat 24-Apr-1982
Sat 01-May-1982
Sat 08-May-1982
Sat 15-May-1982
Sat 22-May-1982
Sat 29-May-1982
Sat 05-Jun-1982
Sat 12-Jun-1982
Sat 19-Jun-1982
Sat 26-Jun-1982
Sat 03-Jul-1982
Sat 10-Jul-1982
Sat 17-Jul-1982
Sat 24-Jul-1982
Sat 31-Jul-1982
Sat 07-Aug-1982
Sat 14-Aug-1982
Sat 21-Aug-1982
Sat 28-Aug-1982
Sat 04-Sep-1982
Sat 11-Sep-1982
Sat 18-Sep-1982
Sat 25-Sep-1982
Sat 02-Oct-1982
Sat 09-Oct-1982
Sat 16-Oct-1982
Sat 23-Oct-1982
Sat 30-Oct-1982
Sat 06-Nov-1982
Sat 13-Nov-1982
Sat 20-Nov-1982
Sat 27-Nov-1982
Sat 04-Dec-1982
Sat 11-Dec-1982
Sat 18-Dec-1982
Sat 25-Dec-1982
Sat 01-Jan-1983
Sat 08-Jan-1983
Sat 15-Jan-1983
Sat 22-Jan-1983
Sat 29-Jan-1983
Sat 05-Feb-1983
Sat 12-Feb-1983
Sat 19-Feb-1983
Sat 26-Feb-1983
Sat 05-Mar-1983
Sat 12-Mar-1983
Sat 19-Mar-1983
Sat 26-Mar-1983
Sat 02-Apr-1983
Sat 09-Apr-1983
Sat 16-Apr-1983
Sat 23-Apr-1983
Sat 30-Apr-1983
Sat 07-May-1983
Sat 14-May-1983
Sat 21-May-1983
Sat 28-May-1983
Sat 04-Jun-1983
Sat 11-Jun-1983
Sat 18-Jun-1983
Sat 25-Jun-1983
Sat 02-Jul-1983
Sat 09-Jul-1983
Sat 16-Jul-1983
Sat 23-Jul-1983
Sat 30-Jul-1983
Sat 06-Aug-1983
Sat 13-Aug-1983
Sat 20-Aug-1983
Sat 27-Aug-1983
Sat 03-Sep-1983
Sat 10-Sep-1983
Sat 17-Sep-1983
Sat 24-Sep-1983
Sat 01-Oct-1983
Sat 08-Oct-1983
Sat 15-Oct-1983
Sat 22-Oct-1983
Sat 29-Oct-1983
Sat 05-Nov-1983
Sat 12-Nov-1983
Sat 19-Nov-1983
Sat 26-Nov-1983
Sat 03-Dec-1983
Sat 10-Dec-1983
Sat 17-Dec-1983
Sat 24-Dec-1983
Sat 31-Dec-1983
Sat 07-Jan-1984
Sat 14-Jan-1984
Sat 21-Jan-1984
Sat 28-Jan-1984
Sat 04-Feb-1984
Sat 11-Feb-1984
Sat 18-Feb-1984
Sat 25-Feb-1984
Sat 03-Mar-1984
Sat 10-Mar-1984
Sat 17-Mar-1984
Sat 24-Mar-1984
Sat 31-Mar-1984
Sat 07-Apr-1984
Sat 14-Apr-1984
Sat 21-Apr-1984
Sat 28-Apr-1984
Sat 05-May-1984
Sat 12-May-1984
Sat 19-May-1984
Sat 26-May-1984
Sat 02-Jun-1984
Sat 09-Jun-1984
Sat 16-Jun-1984
Sat 23-Jun-1984
Sat 30-Jun-1984
Sat 07-Jul-1984
Sat 14-Jul-1984
Sat 21-Jul-1984
Sat 28-Jul-1984
Sat 04-Aug-1984
Sat 11-Aug-1984
Sat 18-Aug-1984
Sat 25-Aug-1984
Sat 01-Sep-1984
Sat 08-Sep-1984
Sat 15-Sep-1984
Sat 22-Sep-1984
Sat 29-Sep-1984
Sat 06-Oct-1984
Sat 13-Oct-1984
Sat 20-Oct-1984
Sat 27-Oct-1984
Sat 03-Nov-1984
Sat 10-Nov-1984
Sat 17-Nov-1984
Sat 24-Nov-1984
Sat 01-Dec-1984
Sat 08-Dec-1984
Sat 15-Dec-1984
Sat 22-Dec-1984
Sat 29-Dec-1984
Sat 05-Jan-1985
Sat 12-Jan-1985
Sat 19-Jan-1985
Sat 26-Jan-1985
Sat 02-Feb-1985
Sat 09-Feb-1985
Sat 16-Feb-1985
Sat 23-Feb-1985
Sat 02-Mar-1985
Sat 09-Mar-1985
Sat 16-Mar-1985
Sat 23-Mar-1985
Sat 30-Mar-1985
Sat 06-Apr-1985
Sat 13-Apr-1985
Sat 20-Apr-1985
Sat 27-Apr-1985
Sat 04-May-1985
Sat 11-May-1985
Sat 18-May-1985
Sat 25-May-1985
Sat 01-Jun-1985
Sat 08-Jun-1985
Sat 15-Jun-1985
Sat 22-Jun-1985
Sat 29-Jun-1985
Sat 06-Jul-1985
Sat 13-Jul-1985
Sat 20-Jul-1985
Sat 27-Jul-1985
Sat 03-Aug-1985
Sat 10-Aug-1985
Sat 17-Aug-1985
Sat 24-Aug-1985
Sat 31-Aug-1985
Sat 07-Sep-1985
Sat 14-Sep-1985
Sat 21-Sep-1985
Sat 28-Sep-1985
Sat 05-Oct-1985
Sat 12-Oct-1985
Sat 19-Oct-1985
Sat 26-Oct-1985
Sat 02-Nov-1985
Sat 09-Nov-1985
Sat 16-Nov-1985
Sat 23-Nov-1985
Sat 30-Nov-1985
Sat 07-Dec-1985
Sat 14-Dec-1985
Sat 21-Dec-1985
Sat 28-Dec-1985
Sat 04-Jan-1986
Sat 11-Jan-1986
Sat 18-Jan-1986
Sat 25-Jan-1986
Sat 01-Feb-1986
Sat 08-Feb-1986
Sat 15-Feb-1986
Sat 22-Feb-1986
Sat 01-Mar-1986
Sat 08-Mar-1986
Sat 15-Mar-1986
Sat 22-Mar-1986
Sat 29-Mar-1986
Sat 05-Apr-1986
Sat 12-Apr-1986
Sat 19-Apr-1986
Sat 26-Apr-1986
Sat 03-May-1986
Sat 10-May-1986
Sat 17-May-1986
Sat 24-May-1986
Sat 31-May-1986
Sat 07-Jun-1986
Sat 14-Jun-1986
Sat 21-Jun-1986
Sat 28-Jun-1986
Sat 05-Jul-1986
Sat 12-Jul-1986
Sat 19-Jul-1986
Sat 26-Jul-1986
Sat 02-Aug-1986
Sat 09-Aug-1986
Sat 16-Aug-1986
Sat 23-Aug-1986
Sat 30-Aug-1986
Sat 06-Sep-1986
Sat 13-Sep-1986
Sat 20-Sep-1986
Sat 27-Sep-1986
Sat 04-Oct-1986
Sat 11-Oct-1986
Sat 18-Oct-1986
Sat 25-Oct-1986
Sat 01-Nov-1986
Sat 08-Nov-1986
Sat 15-Nov-1986
Sat 22-Nov-1986
Sat 29-Nov-1986
Sat 06-Dec-1986
Sat 13-Dec-1986
Sat 20-Dec-1986
Sat 27-Dec-1986
Sat 03-Jan-1987
Sat 10-Jan-1987
Sat 17-Jan-1987
Sat 24-Jan-1987
Sat 31-Jan-1987
Sat 07-Feb-1987
Sat 14-Feb-1987
Sat 21-Feb-1987
Sat 28-Feb-1987
Sat 07-Mar-1987
Sat 14-Mar-1987
Sat 21-Mar-1987
Sat 28-Mar-1987
Sat 04-Apr-1987
Sat 11-Apr-1987
Sat 18-Apr-1987
Sat 25-Apr-1987
Sat 02-May-1987
Sat 09-May-1987
Sat 16-May-1987
Sat 23-May-1987
Sat 30-May-1987
Sat 06-Jun-1987
Sat 13-Jun-1987
Sat 20-Jun-1987
Sat 27-Jun-1987
Sat 04-Jul-1987
Sat 11-Jul-1987
Sat 18-Jul-1987
Sat 25-Jul-1987
Sat 01-Aug-1987
Sat 08-Aug-1987
Sat 15-Aug-1987
Sat 22-Aug-1987
Sat 29-Aug-1987
Sat 05-Sep-1987
Sat 12-Sep-1987
Sat 19-Sep-1987
Sat 26-Sep-1987
Sat 03-Oct-1987
Sat 10-Oct-1987
Sat 17-Oct-1987
Sat 24-Oct-1987
Sat 31-Oct-1987
Sat 07-Nov-1987
Sat 14-Nov-1987
Sat 21-Nov-1987
Sat 28-Nov-1987
Sat 05-Dec-1987
Sat 12-Dec-1987
Sat 19-Dec-1987
Sat 26-Dec-1987
Sat 02-Jan-1988
Sat 09-Jan-1988
Sat 16-Jan-1988
Sat 23-Jan-1988
Sat 30-Jan-1988
Sat 06-Feb-1988
Sat 13-Feb-1988
Sat 20-Feb-1988
Sat 27-Feb-1988
Sat 05-Mar-1988
Sat 12-Mar-1988
Sat 19-Mar-1988
Sat 26-Mar-1988
Sat 02-Apr-1988
Sat 09-Apr-1988
Sat 16-Apr-1988
Sat 23-Apr-1988
Sat 30-Apr-1988
Sat 07-May-1988
Sat 14-May-1988
Sat 21-May-1988
Sat 28-May-1988
Sat 04-Jun-1988
Sat 11-Jun-1988
Sat 18-Jun-1988
Sat 25-Jun-1988
Sat 02-Jul-1988
Sat 09-Jul-1988
Sat 16-Jul-1988
Sat 23-Jul-1988
Sat 30-Jul-1988
Sat 06-Aug-1988
Sat 13-Aug-1988
Sat 20-Aug-1988
Sat 27-Aug-1988
Sat 03-Sep-1988
Sat 10-Sep-1988
Sat 17-Sep-1988
Sat 24-Sep-1988
Sat 01-Oct-1988
Sat 08-Oct-1988
Sat 15-Oct-1988
Sat 22-Oct-1988
Sat 29-Oct-1988
Sat 05-Nov-1988
Sat 12-Nov-1988
Sat 19-Nov-1988
Sat 26-Nov-1988
Sat 03-Dec-1988
Sat 10-Dec-1988
Sat 17-Dec-1988
Sat 24-Dec-1988
Sat 31-Dec-1988
Sat 07-Jan-1989
Sat 14-Jan-1989
Sat 21-Jan-1989
Sat 28-Jan-1989
Sat 04-Feb-1989
Sat 11-Feb-1989
Sat 18-Feb-1989
Sat 25-Feb-1989
Sat 04-Mar-1989
Sat 11-Mar-1989
Sat 18-Mar-1989
Sat 25-Mar-1989
Sat 01-Apr-1989
Sat 08-Apr-1989
Sat 15-Apr-1989
Sat 22-Apr-1989
Sat 29-Apr-1989
Sat 06-May-1989
Sat 13-May-1989
Sat 20-May-1989
Sat 27-May-1989
Sat 03-Jun-1989
Sat 10-Jun-1989
Sat 17-Jun-1989
Sat 24-Jun-1989
Sat 01-Jul-1989
Sat 08-Jul-1989
Sat 15-Jul-1989
Sat 22-Jul-1989
Sat 29-Jul-1989
Sat 05-Aug-1989
Sat 12-Aug-1989
Sat 19-Aug-1989
Sat 26-Aug-1989
Sat 02-Sep-1989
Sat 09-Sep-1989
Sat 16-Sep-1989
Sat 23-Sep-1989
Sat 30-Sep-1989
Sat 07-Oct-1989
Sat 14-Oct-1989
Sat 21-Oct-1989
Sat 28-Oct-1989
Sat 04-Nov-1989
Sat 11-Nov-1989
Sat 18-Nov-1989
Sat 25-Nov-1989
Sat 02-Dec-1989
Sat 09-Dec-1989
Sat 16-Dec-1989
Sat 23-Dec-1989
Sat 30-Dec-1989
Sat 06-Jan-1990
Sat 13-Jan-1990
Sat 20-Jan-1990
Sat 27-Jan-1990
Sat 03-Feb-1990
Sat 10-Feb-1990
Sat 17-Feb-1990
Sat 24-Feb-1990
Sat 03-Mar-1990
Sat 10-Mar-1990
Sat 17-Mar-1990
Sat 24-Mar-1990
Sat 31-Mar-1990
Sat 07-Apr-1990
Sat 14-Apr-1990
Sat 21-Apr-1990
Sat 28-Apr-1990
Sat 05-May-1990
Sat 12-May-1990
Sat 19-May-1990
Sat 26-May-1990
Sat 02-Jun-1990
Sat 09-Jun-1990
Sat 16-Jun-1990
Sat 23-Jun-1990
Sat 30-Jun-1990
Sat 07-Jul-1990
Sat 14-Jul-1990
Sat 21-Jul-1990
Sat 28-Jul-1990
Sat 04-Aug-1990
Sat 11-Aug-1990
Sat 18-Aug-1990
Sat 25-Aug-1990
Sat 01-Sep-1990
Sat 08-Sep-1990
Sat 15-Sep-1990
Sat 22-Sep-1990
Sat 29-Sep-1990
Sat 06-Oct-1990
Sat 13-Oct-1990
Sat 20-Oct-1990
Sat 27-Oct-1990
Sat 03-Nov-1990
Sat 10-Nov-1990
Sat 17-Nov-1990
Sat 24-Nov-1990
Sat 01-Dec-1990
Sat 08-Dec-1990
Sat 15-Dec-1990
Sat 22-Dec-1990
Sat 29-Dec-1990
Sat 05-Jan-1991
Sat 12-Jan-1991
Sat 19-Jan-1991
Sat 26-Jan-1991
Sat 02-Feb-1991
Sat 09-Feb-1991
Sat 16-Feb-1991
Sat 23-Feb-1991
Sat 02-Mar-1991
Sat 09-Mar-1991
Sat 16-Mar-1991
Sat 23-Mar-1991
Sat 30-Mar-1991
Sat 06-Apr-1991
Sat 13-Apr-1991
Sat 20-Apr-1991
Sat 27-Apr-1991
Sat 04-May-1991
Sat 11-May-1991
Sat 18-May-1991
Sat 25-May-1991
Sat 01-Jun-1991
Sat 08-Jun-1991
Sat 15-Jun-1991
Sat 22-Jun-1991
Sat 29-Jun-1991
Sat 06-Jul-1991
Sat 13-Jul-1991
Sat 20-Jul-1991
Sat 27-Jul-1991
Sat 03-Aug-1991
Sat 10-Aug-1991
Sat 17-Aug-1991
Sat 24-Aug-1991
Sat 31-Aug-1991
Sat 07-Sep-1991
Sat 14-Sep-1991
Sat 21-Sep-1991
Sat 28-Sep-1991
Sat 05-Oct-1991
Sat 12-Oct-1991
Sat 19-Oct-1991
Sat 26-Oct-1991
Sat 02-Nov-1991
Sat 09-Nov-1991
Sat 16-Nov-1991
Sat 23-Nov-1991
Sat 30-Nov-1991
Sat 07-Dec-1991
Sat 14-Dec-1991
Sat 21-Dec-1991
Sat 28-Dec-1991
Sat 04-Jan-1992
Sat 11-Jan-1992
Sat 18-Jan-1992
Sat 25-Jan-1992
Sat 01-Feb-1992
Sat 08-Feb-1992
Sat 15-Feb-1992
Sat 22-Feb-1992
Sat 29-Feb-1992
Sat 07-Mar-1992
Sat 14-Mar-1992
Sat 21-Mar-1992
Sat 28-Mar-1992
Sat 04-Apr-1992
Sat 11-Apr-1992
Sat 18-Apr-1992
Sat 25-Apr-1992
Sat 02-May-1992
Sat 09-May-1992
Sat 16-May-1992
Sat 23-May-1992
Sat 30-May-1992
Sat 06-Jun-1992
Sat 13-Jun-1992
Sat 20-Jun-1992
Sat 27-Jun-1992
Sat 04-Jul-1992
Sat 11-Jul-1992
Sat 18-Jul-1992
Sat 25-Jul-1992
Sat 01-Aug-1992
Sat 08-Aug-1992
Sat 15-Aug-1992
Sat 22-Aug-1992
Sat 29-Aug-1992
Sat 05-Sep-1992
Sat 12-Sep-1992
Sat 19-Sep-1992
Sat 26-Sep-1992
Sat 03-Oct-1992
Sat 10-Oct-1992
Sat 17-Oct-1992
Sat 24-Oct-1992
Sat 31-Oct-1992
Sat 07-Nov-1992
Sat 14-Nov-1992
Sat 21-Nov-1992
Sat 28-Nov-1992
Sat 05-Dec-1992
Sat 12-Dec-1992
Sat 19-Dec-1992
Sat 26-Dec-1992
Sat 02-Jan-1993
Sat 09-Jan-1993
Sat 16-Jan-1993
Sat 23-Jan-1993
Sat 30-Jan-1993
Sat 06-Feb-1993
Sat 13-Feb-1993
Sat 20-Feb-1993
Sat 27-Feb-1993
Sat 06-Mar-1993
Sat 13-Mar-1993
Sat 20-Mar-1993
Sat 27-Mar-1993
Sat 03-Apr-1993
Sat 10-Apr-1993
Sat 17-Apr-1993
Sat 24-Apr-1993
Sat 01-May-1993
Sat 08-May-1993
Sat 15-May-1993
Sat 22-May-1993
Sat 29-May-1993
Sat 05-Jun-1993
Sat 12-Jun-1993
Sat 19-Jun-1993
Sat 26-Jun-1993
Sat 03-Jul-1993
Sat 10-Jul-1993
Sat 17-Jul-1993
Sat 24-Jul-1993
Sat 31-Jul-1993
Sat 07-Aug-1993
Sat 14-Aug-1993
Sat 21-Aug-1993
Sat 28-Aug-1993
Sat 04-Sep-1993
Sat 11-Sep-1993
Sat 18-Sep-1993
Sat 25-Sep-1993
Sat 02-Oct-1993
Sat 09-Oct-1993
Sat 16-Oct-1993
Sat 23-Oct-1993
Sat 30-Oct-1993
Sat 06-Nov-1993
Sat 13-Nov-1993
Sat 20-Nov-1993
Sat 27-Nov-1993
Sat 04-Dec-1993
Sat 11-Dec-1993
Sat 18-Dec-1993
Sat 25-Dec-1993
Sat 01-Jan-1994
Sat 08-Jan-1994
Sat 15-Jan-1994
Sat 22-Jan-1994
Sat 29-Jan-1994
Sat 05-Feb-1994
Sat 12-Feb-1994
Sat 19-Feb-1994
Sat 26-Feb-1994
Sat 05-Mar-1994
Sat 12-Mar-1994
Sat 19-Mar-1994
Sat 26-Mar-1994
Sat 02-Apr-1994
Sat 09-Apr-1994
Sat 16-Apr-1994
Sat 23-Apr-1994
Sat 30-Apr-1994
Sat 07-May-1994
Sat 14-May-1994
Sat 21-May-1994
Sat 28-May-1994
Sat 04-Jun-1994
Sat 11-Jun-1994
Sat 18-Jun-1994
Sat 25-Jun-1994
Sat 02-Jul-1994
Sat 09-Jul-1994
Sat 16-Jul-1994
Sat 23-Jul-1994
Sat 30-Jul-1994
Sat 06-Aug-1994
Sat 13-Aug-1994
Sat 20-Aug-1994
Sat 27-Aug-1994
Sat 03-Sep-1994
Sat 10-Sep-1994
Sat 17-Sep-1994
Sat 24-Sep-1994
Sat 01-Oct-1994
Sat 08-Oct-1994
Sat 15-Oct-1994
Sat 22-Oct-1994
Sat 29-Oct-1994
Sat 05-Nov-1994
Sat 12-Nov-1994
Sat 19-Nov-1994
Sat 26-Nov-1994
Sat 03-Dec-1994
Sat 10-Dec-1994
Sat 17-Dec-1994
Sat 24-Dec-1994
Sat 31-Dec-1994
Sat 07-Jan-1995
Sat 14-Jan-1995
Sat 21-Jan-1995
Sat 28-Jan-1995
Sat 04-Feb-1995
Sat 11-Feb-1995
Sat 18-Feb-1995
Sat 25-Feb-1995
Sat 04-Mar-1995
Sat 11-Mar-1995
Sat 18-Mar-1995
Sat 25-Mar-1995
Sat 01-Apr-1995
Sat 08-Apr-1995
Sat 15-Apr-1995
Sat 22-Apr-1995
Sat 29-Apr-1995
Sat 06-May-1995
Sat 13-May-1995
Sat 20-May-1995
Sat 27-May-1995
Sat 03-Jun-1995
Sat 10-Jun-1995
Sat 17-Jun-1995
Sat 24-Jun-1995
Sat 01-Jul-1995
Sat 08-Jul-1995
Sat 15-Jul-1995
Sat 22-Jul-1995
Sat 29-Jul-1995
Sat 05-Aug-1995
Sat 12-Aug-1995
Sat 19-Aug-1995
Sat 26-Aug-1995
Sat 02-Sep-1995
Sat 09-Sep-1995
Sat 16-Sep-1995
Sat 23-Sep-1995
Sat 30-Sep-1995
Sat 07-Oct-1995
Sat 14-Oct-1995
Sat 21-Oct-1995
Sat 28-Oct-1995
Sat 04-Nov-1995
Sat 11-Nov-1995
Sat 18-Nov-1995
Sat 25-Nov-1995
Sat 02-Dec-1995
Sat 09-Dec-1995
Sat 16-Dec-1995
Sat 23-Dec-1995
Sat 30-Dec-1995
Sat 06-Jan-1996
Sat 13-Jan-1996
Sat 20-Jan-1996
Sat 27-Jan-1996
Sat 03-Feb-1996
Sat 10-Feb-1996
Sat 17-Feb-1996
Sat 24-Feb-1996
Sat 02-Mar-1996
Sat 09-Mar-1996
Sat 16-Mar-1996
Sat 23-Mar-1996
Sat 30-Mar-1996
Sat 06-Apr-1996
Sat 13-Apr-1996
Sat 20-Apr-1996
Sat 27-Apr-1996
Sat 04-May-1996
Sat 11-May-1996
Sat 18-May-1996
Sat 25-May-1996
Sat 01-Jun-1996
Sat 08-Jun-1996
Sat 15-Jun-1996
Sat 22-Jun-1996
Sat 29-Jun-1996
Sat 06-Jul-1996
Sat 13-Jul-1996
Sat 20-Jul-1996
Sat 27-Jul-1996
Sat 03-Aug-1996
Sat 10-Aug-1996
Sat 17-Aug-1996
Sat 24-Aug-1996
Sat 31-Aug-1996
Sat 07-Sep-1996
Sat 14-Sep-1996
Sat 21-Sep-1996
Sat 28-Sep-1996
Sat 05-Oct-1996
Sat 12-Oct-1996
Sat 19-Oct-1996
Sat 26-Oct-1996
Sat 02-Nov-1996
Sat 09-Nov-1996
Sat 16-Nov-1996
Sat 23-Nov-1996
Sat 30-Nov-1996
Sat 07-Dec-1996
Sat 14-Dec-1996
Sat 21-Dec-1996
Sat 28-Dec-1996
Sat 04-Jan-1997
Sat 11-Jan-1997
Sat 18-Jan-1997
Sat 25-Jan-1997
Sat 01-Feb-1997
Sat 08-Feb-1997
Sat 15-Feb-1997
Sat 22-Feb-1997
Sat 01-Mar-1997
Sat 08-Mar-1997
Sat 15-Mar-1997
Sat 22-Mar-1997
Sat 29-Mar-1997
Sat 05-Apr-1997
Sat 12-Apr-1997
Sat 19-Apr-1997
Sat 26-Apr-1997
Sat 03-May-1997
Sat 10-May-1997
Sat 17-May-1997
Sat 24-May-1997
Sat 31-May-1997
Sat 07-Jun-1997
Sat 14-Jun-1997
Sat 21-Jun-1997
Sat 28-Jun-1997
Sat 05-Jul-1997
Sat 12-Jul-1997
Sat 19-Jul-1997
Sat 26-Jul-1997
Sat 02-Aug-1997
Sat 09-Aug-1997
Sat 16-Aug-1997
Sat 23-Aug-1997
Sat 30-Aug-1997
Sat 06-Sep-1997
Sat 13-Sep-1997
Sat 20-Sep-1997
Sat 27-Sep-1997
Sat 04-Oct-1997
Sat 11-Oct-1997
Sat 18-Oct-1997
Sat 25-Oct-1997
Sat 01-Nov-1997
Sat 08-Nov-1997
Sat 15-Nov-1997
Sat 22-Nov-1997
Sat 29-Nov-1997
Sat 06-Dec-1997
Sat 13-Dec-1997
Sat 20-Dec-1997
Sat 27-Dec-1997
Sat 03-Jan-1998
Sat 10-Jan-1998
Sat 17-Jan-1998
Sat 24-Jan-1998
Sat 31-Jan-1998
Sat 07-Feb-1998
Sat 14-Feb-1998
Sat 21-Feb-1998
Sat 28-Feb-1998
Sat 07-Mar-1998
Sat 14-Mar-1998
Sat 21-Mar-1998
Sat 28-Mar-1998
Sat 04-Apr-1998
Sat 11-Apr-1998
Sat 18-Apr-1998
Sat 25-Apr-1998
Sat 02-May-1998
Sat 09-May-1998
Sat 16-May-1998
Sat 23-May-1998
Sat 30-May-1998
Sat 06-Jun-1998
Sat 13-Jun-1998
Sat 20-Jun-1998
Sat 27-Jun-1998
Sat 04-Jul-1998
Sat 11-Jul-1998
Sat 18-Jul-1998
Sat 25-Jul-1998
Sat 01-Aug-1998
Sat 08-Aug-1998
Sat 15-Aug-1998
Sat 22-Aug-1998
Sat 29-Aug-1998
Sat 05-Sep-1998
Sat 12-Sep-1998
Sat 19-Sep-1998
Sat 26-Sep-1998
Sat 03-Oct-1998
Sat 10-Oct-1998
Sat 17-Oct-1998
Sat 24-Oct-1998
Sat 31-Oct-1998
Sat 07-Nov-1998
Sat 14-Nov-1998
Sat 21-Nov-1998
Sat 28-Nov-1998
Sat 05-Dec-1998
Sat 12-Dec-1998
Sat 19-Dec-1998
Sat 26-Dec-1998
Sat 02-Jan-1999
Sat 09-Jan-1999
Sat 16-Jan-1999
Sat 23-Jan-1999
Sat 30-Jan-1999
Sat 06-Feb-1999
Sat 13-Feb-1999
Sat 20-Feb-1999
Sat 27-Feb-1999
Sat 06-Mar-1999
Sat 13-Mar-1999
Sat 20-Mar-1999
Sat 27-Mar-1999
Sat 03-Apr-1999
Sat 10-Apr-1999
Sat 17-Apr-1999
Sat 24-Apr-1999
Sat 01-May-1999
Sat 08-May-1999
Sat 15-May-1999
Sat 22-May-1999
Sat 29-May-1999
Sat 05-Jun-1999
Sat 12-Jun-1999
Sat 19-Jun-1999
Sat 26-Jun-1999
Sat 03-Jul-1999
Sat 10-Jul-1999
Sat 17-Jul-1999
Sat 24-Jul-1999
Sat 31-Jul-1999
Sat 07-Aug-1999
Sat 14-Aug-1999
Sat 21-Aug-1999
Sat 28-Aug-1999
Sat 04-Sep-1999
Sat 11-Sep-1999
Sat 18-Sep-1999
Sat 25-Sep-1999
Sat 02-Oct-1999
Sat 09-Oct-1999
Sat 16-Oct-1999
Sat 23-Oct-1999
Sat 30-Oct-1999
Sat 06-Nov-1999
Sat 13-Nov-1999
Sat 20-Nov-1999
Sat 27-Nov-1999
Sat 04-Dec-1999
Sat 11-Dec-1999
Sat 18-Dec-1999
Sat 25-Dec-1999
Sat 01-Jan-2000
Sat 08-Jan-2000
Sat 15-Jan-2000
Sat 22-Jan-2000
Sat 29-Jan-2000
Sat 05-Feb-2000
Sat 12-Feb-2000
Sat 19-Feb-2000
Sat 26-Feb-2000
Sat 04-Mar-2000
Sat 11-Mar-2000
Sat 18-Mar-2000
Sat 25-Mar-2000
Sat 01-Apr-2000
Sat 08-Apr-2000
Sat 15-Apr-2000
Sat 22-Apr-2000
Sat 29-Apr-2000
Sat 06-May-2000
Sat 13-May-2000
Sat 20-May-2000
Sat 27-May-2000
Sat 03-Jun-2000
Sat 10-Jun-2000
Sat 17-Jun-2000
Sat 24-Jun-2000
Sat 01-Jul-2000
Sat 08-Jul-2000
Sat 15-Jul-2000
Sat 22-Jul-2000
Sat 29-Jul-2000
Sat 05-Aug-2000
Sat 12-Aug-2000
Sat 19-Aug-2000
Sat 26-Aug-2000
Sat 02-Sep-2000
Sat 09-Sep-2000
Sat 16-Sep-2000
Sat 23-Sep-2000
Sat 30-Sep-2000
Sat 07-Oct-2000
Sat 14-Oct-2000
Sat 21-Oct-2000
Sat 28-Oct-2000
Sat 04-Nov-2000
Sat 11-Nov-2000
Sat 18-Nov-2000
Sat 25-Nov-2000
Sat 02-Dec-2000
Sat 09-Dec-2000
Sat 16-Dec-2000
Sat 23-Dec-2000
Sat 30-Dec-2000
Sat 06-Jan-2001
Sat 13-Jan-2001
Sat 20-Jan-2001
Sat 27-Jan-2001
Sat 03-Feb-2001
Sat 10-Feb-2001
Sat 17-Feb-2001
Sat 24-Feb-2001
Sat 03-Mar-2001
Sat 10-Mar-2001
Sat 17-Mar-2001
Sat 24-Mar-2001
Sat 31-Mar-2001
Sat 07-Apr-2001
Sat 14-Apr-2001
Sat 21-Apr-2001
Sat 28-Apr-2001
Sat 05-May-2001
Sat 12-May-2001
Sat 19-May-2001
Sat 26-May-2001
Sat 02-Jun-2001
Sat 09-Jun-2001
Sat 16-Jun-2001
Sat 23-Jun-2001
Sat 30-Jun-2001
Sat 07-Jul-2001
Sat 14-Jul-2001
Sat 21-Jul-2001
Sat 28-Jul-2001
Sat 04-Aug-2001
Sat 11-Aug-2001
Sat 18-Aug-2001
Sat 25-Aug-2001
Sat 01-Sep-2001
Sat 08-Sep-2001
Sat 15-Sep-2001
Sat 22-Sep-2001
Sat 29-Sep-2001
Sat 06-Oct-2001
Sat 13-Oct-2001
Sat 20-Oct-2001
Sat 27-Oct-2001
Sat 03-Nov-2001
Sat 10-Nov-2001
Sat 17-Nov-2001
Sat 24-Nov-2001
Sat 01-Dec-2001
Sat 08-Dec-2001
Sat 15-Dec-2001
Sat 22-Dec-2001
Sat 29-Dec-2001
Sat 05-Jan-2002
Sat 12-Jan-2002
Sat 19-Jan-2002
Sat 26-Jan-2002
Sat 02-Feb-2002
Sat 09-Feb-2002
Sat 16-Feb-2002
Sat 23-Feb-2002
Sat 02-Mar-2002
Sat 09-Mar-2002
Sat 16-Mar-2002
Sat 23-Mar-2002
Sat 30-Mar-2002
Sat 06-Apr-2002
Sat 13-Apr-2002
Sat 20-Apr-2002
Sat 27-Apr-2002
Sat 04-May-2002
Sat 11-May-2002
Sat 18-May-2002
Sat 25-May-2002
Sat 01-Jun-2002
Sat 08-Jun-2002
Sat 15-Jun-2002
Sat 22-Jun-2002
Sat 29-Jun-2002
Sat 06-Jul-2002
Sat 13-Jul-2002
Sat 20-Jul-2002
Sat 27-Jul-2002
Sat 03-Aug-2002
Sat 10-Aug-2002
Sat 17-Aug-2002
Sat 24-Aug-2002
Sat 31-Aug-2002
Sat 07-Sep-2002
Sat 14-Sep-2002
Sat 21-Sep-2002
Sat 28-Sep-2002
Sat 05-Oct-2002
Sat 12-Oct-2002
Sat 19-Oct-2002
Sat 26-Oct-2002
Sat 02-Nov-2002
Sat 09-Nov-2002
Sat 16-Nov-2002
Sat 23-Nov-2002
Sat 30-Nov-2002
Sat 07-Dec-2002
Sat 14-Dec-2002
Sat 21-Dec-2002
Sat 28-Dec-2002
Sat 04-Jan-2003
Sat 11-Jan-2003
Sat 18-Jan-2003
Sat 25-Jan-2003
Sat 01-Feb-2003
Sat 08-Feb-2003
Sat 15-Feb-2003
Sat 22-Feb-2003
Sat 01-Mar-2003
Sat 08-Mar-2003
Sat 15-Mar-2003
Sat 22-Mar-2003
Sat 29-Mar-2003
Sat 05-Apr-2003
Sat 12-Apr-2003
Sat 19-Apr-2003
Sat 26-Apr-2003
Sat 03-May-2003
Sat 10-May-2003
Sat 17-May-2003
Sat 24-May-2003
Sat 31-May-2003
Sat 07-Jun-2003
Sat 14-Jun-2003
Sat 21-Jun-2003
Sat 28-Jun-2003
Sat 05-Jul-2003
Sat 12-Jul-2003
Sat 19-Jul-2003
Sat 26-Jul-2003
Sat 02-Aug-2003
Sat 09-Aug-2003
Sat 16-Aug-2003
Sat 23-Aug-2003
Sat 30-Aug-2003
Sat 06-Sep-2003
Sat 13-Sep-2003
Sat 20-Sep-2003
Sat 27-Sep-2003
Sat 04-Oct-2003
Sat 11-Oct-2003
Sat 18-Oct-2003
Sat 25-Oct-2003
Sat 01-Nov-2003
Sat 08-Nov-2003
Sat 15-Nov-2003
Sat 22-Nov-2003
Sat 29-Nov-2003
Sat 06-Dec-2003
Sat 13-Dec-2003
Sat 20-Dec-2003
Sat 27-Dec-2003
Sat 03-Jan-2004
Sat 10-Jan-2004
Sat 17-Jan-2004
Sat 24-Jan-2004
Sat 31-Jan-2004
Sat 07-Feb-2004
Sat 14-Feb-2004
Sat 21-Feb-2004
Sat 28-Feb-2004
Sat 06-Mar-2004
Sat 13-Mar-2004
Sat 20-Mar-2004
Sat 27-Mar-2004
Sat 03-Apr-2004
Sat 10-Apr-2004
Sat 17-Apr-2004
Sat 24-Apr-2004
Sat 01-May-2004
Sat 08-May-2004
Sat 15-May-2004
Sat 22-May-2004
Sat 29-May-2004
Sat 05-Jun-2004
Sat 12-Jun-2004
Sat 19-Jun-2004
Sat 26-Jun-2004
Sat 03-Jul-2004
Sat 10-Jul-2004
Sat 17-Jul-2004
Sat 24-Jul-2004
Sat 31-Jul-2004
Sat 07-Aug-2004
Sat 14-Aug-2004
Sat 21-Aug-2004
Sat 28-Aug-2004
Sat 04-Sep-2004
Sat 11-Sep-2004
Sat 18-Sep-2004
Sat 25-Sep-2004
Sat 02-Oct-2004
Sat 09-Oct-2004
Sat 16-Oct-2004
Sat 23-Oct-2004
Sat 30-Oct-2004
Sat 06-Nov-2004
Sat 13-Nov-2004
Sat 20-Nov-2004
Sat 27-Nov-2004
Sat 04-Dec-2004
Sat 11-Dec-2004
Sat 18-Dec-2004
Sat 25-Dec-2004
Sat 01-Jan-2005
Sat 08-Jan-2005
Sat 15-Jan-2005
Sat 22-Jan-2005
Sat 29-Jan-2005
Sat 05-Feb-2005
Sat 12-Feb-2005
Sat 19-Feb-2005
Sat 26-Feb-2005
Sat 05-Mar-2005
Sat 12-Mar-2005
Sat 19-Mar-2005
Sat 26-Mar-2005
Sat 02-Apr-2005
Sat 09-Apr-2005
Sat 16-Apr-2005
Sat 23-Apr-2005
Sat 30-Apr-2005
Sat 07-May-2005
Sat 14-May-2005
Sat 21-May-2005
Sat 28-May-2005
Sat 04-Jun-2005
Sat 11-Jun-2005
Sat 18-Jun-2005
Sat 25-Jun-2005
Sat 02-Jul-2005
Sat 09-Jul-2005
Sat 16-Jul-2005
Sat 23-Jul-2005
Sat 30-Jul-2005
Sat 06-Aug-2005
Sat 13-Aug-2005
Sat 20-Aug-2005
Sat 27-Aug-2005
Sat 03-Sep-2005
Sat 10-Sep-2005
Sat 17-Sep-2005
Sat 24-Sep-2005
Sat 01-Oct-2005
Sat 08-Oct-2005
Sat 15-Oct-2005
Sat 22-Oct-2005
Sat 29-Oct-2005
Sat 05-Nov-2005
Sat 12-Nov-2005
Sat 19-Nov-2005
Sat 26-Nov-2005
Sat 03-Dec-2005
Sat 10-Dec-2005
Sat 17-Dec-2005
Sat 24-Dec-2005
Sat 31-Dec-2005
Sat 07-Jan-2006
Sat 14-Jan-2006
Sat 21-Jan-2006
Sat 28-Jan-2006
Sat 04-Feb-2006
Sat 11-Feb-2006
Sat 18-Feb-2006
Sat 25-Feb-2006
Sat 04-Mar-2006
Sat 11-Mar-2006
Sat 18-Mar-2006
Sat 25-Mar-2006
Sat 01-Apr-2006
Sat 08-Apr-2006
Sat 15-Apr-2006
Sat 22-Apr-2006
Sat 29-Apr-2006
Sat 06-May-2006
Sat 13-May-2006
Sat 20-May-2006
Sat 27-May-2006
Sat 03-Jun-2006
Sat 10-Jun-2006
Sat 17-Jun-2006
Sat 24-Jun-2006
Sat 01-Jul-2006
Sat 08-Jul-2006
Sat 15-Jul-2006
Sat 22-Jul-2006
Sat 29-Jul-2006
Sat 05-Aug-2006
Sat 12-Aug-2006
Sat 19-Aug-2006
Sat 26-Aug-2006
Sat 02-Sep-2006
Sat 09-Sep-2006
Sat 16-Sep-2006
Sat 23-Sep-2006
Sat 30-Sep-2006
Sat 07-Oct-2006
Sat 14-Oct-2006
Sat 21-Oct-2006
Sat 28-Oct-2006
Sat 04-Nov-2006
Sat 11-Nov-2006
Sat 18-Nov-2006
Sat 25-Nov-2006
Sat 02-Dec-2006
Sat 09-Dec-2006
Sat 16-Dec-2006
Sat 23-Dec-2006
Sat 30-Dec-2006
Sat 06-Jan-2007
Sat 13-Jan-2007
Sat 20-Jan-2007
Sat 27-Jan-2007
Sat 03-Feb-2007
Sat 10-Feb-2007
Sat 17-Feb-2007
Sat 24-Feb-2007
Sat 03-Mar-2007
Sat 10-Mar-2007
Sat 17-Mar-2007
Sat 24-Mar-2007
Sat 31-Mar-2007
Sat 07-Apr-2007
Sat 14-Apr-2007
Sat 21-Apr-2007
Sat 28-Apr-2007
Sat 05-May-2007
Sat 12-May-2007
Sat 19-May-2007
Sat 26-May-2007
Sat 02-Jun-2007
Sat 09-Jun-2007
Sat 16-Jun-2007
Sat 23-Jun-2007
Sat 30-Jun-2007
Sat 07-Jul-2007
Sat 14-Jul-2007
Sat 21-Jul-2007
Sat 28-Jul-2007
Sat 04-Aug-2007
Sat 11-Aug-2007
Sat 18-Aug-2007
Sat 25-Aug-2007
Sat 01-Sep-2007
Sat 08-Sep-2007
Sat 15-Sep-2007
Sat 22-Sep-2007
Sat 29-Sep-2007
Sat 06-Oct-2007
Sat 13-Oct-2007
Sat 20-Oct-2007
Sat 27-Oct-2007
Sat 03-Nov-2007
Sat 10-Nov-2007
Sat 17-Nov-2007
Sat 24-Nov-2007
Sat 01-Dec-2007
Sat 08-Dec-2007
Sat 15-Dec-2007
Sat 22-Dec-2007
Sat 29-Dec-2007
Sat 05-Jan-2008
Sat 12-Jan-2008
Sat 19-Jan-2008
Sat 26-Jan-2008
Sat 02-Feb-2008
Sat 09-Feb-2008
Sat 16-Feb-2008
Sat 23-Feb-2008
Sat 01-Mar-2008
Sat 08-Mar-2008
Sat 15-Mar-2008
Sat 22-Mar-2008
Sat 29-Mar-2008
Sat 05-Apr-2008
Sat 12-Apr-2008
Sat 19-Apr-2008
Sat 26-Apr-2008
Sat 03-May-2008
Sat 10-May-2008
Sat 17-May-2008
Sat 24-May-2008
Sat 31-May-2008
Sat 07-Jun-2008
Sat 14-Jun-2008
Sat 21-Jun-2008
Sat 28-Jun-2008
Sat 05-Jul-2008
Sat 12-Jul-2008
Sat 19-Jul-2008
Sat 26-Jul-2008
Sat 02-Aug-2008
Sat 09-Aug-2008
Sat 16-Aug-2008
Sat 23-Aug-2008
Sat 30-Aug-2008
Sat 06-Sep-2008
Sat 13-Sep-2008
Sat 20-Sep-2008
Sat 27-Sep-2008
Sat 04-Oct-2008
Sat 11-Oct-2008
Sat 18-Oct-2008
Sat 25-Oct-2008
Sat 01-Nov-2008
Sat 08-Nov-2008
Sat 15-Nov-2008
Sat 22-Nov-2008
Sat 29-Nov-2008
Sat 06-Dec-2008
Sat 13-Dec-2008
Sat 20-Dec-2008
Sat 27-Dec-2008
Sat 03-Jan-2009
Sat 10-Jan-2009
Sat 17-Jan-2009
Sat 24-Jan-2009
Sat 31-Jan-2009
Sat 07-Feb-2009
Sat 14-Feb-2009
Sat 21-Feb-2009
Sat 28-Feb-2009
Sat 07-Mar-2009
Sat 14-Mar-2009
Sat 21-Mar-2009
Sat 28-Mar-2009
Sat 04-Apr-2009
Sat 11-Apr-2009
Sat 18-Apr-2009
Sat 25-Apr-2009
Sat 02-May-2009
Sat 09-May-2009
Sat 16-May-2009
Sat 23-May-2009
Sat 30-May-2009
Sat 06-Jun-2009
Sat 13-Jun-2009
Sat 20-Jun-2009
Sat 27-Jun-2009
Sat 04-Jul-2009
Sat 11-Jul-2009
Sat 18-Jul-2009
Sat 25-Jul-2009
Sat 01-Aug-2009
Sat 08-Aug-2009
Sat 15-Aug-2009
Sat 22-Aug-2009
Sat 29-Aug-2009
Sat 05-Sep-2009
Sat 12-Sep-2009
Sat 19-Sep-2009
Sat 26-Sep-2009
Sat 03-Oct-2009
Sat 10-Oct-2009
Sat 17-Oct-2009
Sat 24-Oct-2009
Sat 31-Oct-2009
Sat 07-Nov-2009
Sat 14-Nov-2009
Sat 21-Nov-2009
Sat 28-Nov-2009
Sat 05-Dec-2009
Sat 12-Dec-2009
Sat 19-Dec-2009
Sat 26-Dec-2009
Sat 02-Jan-2010
Sat 09-Jan-2010
Sat 16-Jan-2010
Sat 23-Jan-2010
Sat 30-Jan-2010
Sat 06-Feb-2010
Sat 13-Feb-2010
Sat 20-Feb-2010
Sat 27-Feb-2010
Sat 06-Mar-2010
Sat 13-Mar-2010
Sat 20-Mar-2010
Sat 27-Mar-2010
Sat 03-Apr-2010
Sat 10-Apr-2010
Sat 17-Apr-2010
Sat 24-Apr-2010
Sat 01-May-2010
Sat 08-May-2010
Sat 15-May-2010
Sat 22-May-2010
Sat 29-May-2010
Sat 05-Jun-2010
Sat 12-Jun-2010
Sat 19-Jun-2010
Sat 26-Jun-2010
Sat 03-Jul-2010
Sat 10-Jul-2010
Sat 17-Jul-2010
Sat 24-Jul-2010
Sat 31-Jul-2010
Sat 07-Aug-2010
Sat 14-Aug-2010
Sat 21-Aug-2010
Sat 28-Aug-2010
Sat 04-Sep-2010
Sat 11-Sep-2010
Sat 18-Sep-2010
Sat 25-Sep-2010
Sat 02-Oct-2010
Sat 09-Oct-2010
Sat 16-Oct-2010
Sat 23-Oct-2010
Sat 30-Oct-2010
Sat 06-Nov-2010
Sat 13-Nov-2010
Sat 20-Nov-2010
Sat 27-Nov-2010
Sat 04-Dec-2010
Sat 11-Dec-2010
Sat 18-Dec-2010
Sat 25-Dec-2010
Sat 01-Jan-2011
Sat 08-Jan-2011
Sat 15-Jan-2011
Sat 22-Jan-2011
Sat 29-Jan-2011
Sat 05-Feb-2011
Sat 12-Feb-2011
Sat 19-Feb-2011
Sat 26-Feb-2011
Sat 05-Mar-2011
Sat 12-Mar-2011
Sat 19-Mar-2011
Sat 26-Mar-2011
Sat 02-Apr-2011
Sat 09-Apr-2011
Sat 16-Apr-2011
Sat 23-Apr-2011
Sat 30-Apr-2011
Sat 07-May-2011
Sat 14-May-2011
Sat 21-May-2011
Sat 28-May-2011
Sat 04-Jun-2011
Sat 11-Jun-2011
Sat 18-Jun-2011
Sat 25-Jun-2011
Sat 02-Jul-2011
Sat 09-Jul-2011
Sat 16-Jul-2011
Sat 23-Jul-2011
Sat 30-Jul-2011
Sat 06-Aug-2011
Sat 13-Aug-2011
Sat 20-Aug-2011
Sat 27-Aug-2011
Sat 03-Sep-2011
Sat 10-Sep-2011
Sat 17-Sep-2011
Sat 24-Sep-2011
Sat 01-Oct-2011
Sat 08-Oct-2011
Sat 15-Oct-2011
Sat 22-Oct-2011
Sat 29-Oct-2011
Sat 05-Nov-2011
Sat 12-Nov-2011
Sat 19-Nov-2011
Sat 26-Nov-2011
Sat 03-Dec-2011
Sat 10-Dec-2011
Sat 17-Dec-2011
Sat 24-Dec-2011
Sat 31-Dec-2011
Sat 07-Jan-2012
Sat 14-Jan-2012
Sat 21-Jan-2012
Sat 28-Jan-2012
Sat 04-Feb-2012
Sat 11-Feb-2012
Sat 18-Feb-2012
Sat 25-Feb-2012
Sat 03-Mar-2012
Sat 10-Mar-2012
Sat 17-Mar-2012
Sat 24-Mar-2012
Sat 31-Mar-2012
Sat 07-Apr-2012
Sat 14-Apr-2012
Sat 21-Apr-2012
Sat 28-Apr-2012
Sat 05-May-2012
Sat 12-May-2012
Sat 19-May-2012
Sat 26-May-2012
Sat 02-Jun-2012
Sat 09-Jun-2012
Sat 16-Jun-2012
Sat 23-Jun-2012
Sat 30-Jun-2012
Sat 07-Jul-2012
Sat 14-Jul-2012
Sat 21-Jul-2012
Sat 28-Jul-2012
Sat 04-Aug-2012
Sat 11-Aug-2012
Sat 18-Aug-2012
Sat 25-Aug-2012
Sat 01-Sep-2012
Sat 08-Sep-2012
Sat 15-Sep-2012
Sat 22-Sep-2012
Sat 29-Sep-2012
Sat 06-Oct-2012
Sat 13-Oct-2012
Sat 20-Oct-2012
Sat 27-Oct-2012
Sat 03-Nov-2012
Sat 10-Nov-2012
Sat 17-Nov-2012
Sat 24-Nov-2012
Sat 01-Dec-2012
Sat 08-Dec-2012
Sat 15-Dec-2012
Sat 22-Dec-2012
Sat 29-Dec-2012
Sat 05-Jan-2013
Sat 12-Jan-2013
Sat 19-Jan-2013
Sat 26-Jan-2013
Sat 02-Feb-2013
Sat 09-Feb-2013
Sat 16-Feb-2013
Sat 23-Feb-2013
Sat 02-Mar-2013
Sat 09-Mar-2013
Sat 16-Mar-2013
Sat 23-Mar-2013
Sat 30-Mar-2013
Sat 06-Apr-2013
Sat 13-Apr-2013
Sat 20-Apr-2013
Sat 27-Apr-2013
Sat 04-May-2013
Sat 11-May-2013
Sat 18-May-2013
Sat 25-May-2013
Sat 01-Jun-2013
Sat 08-Jun-2013
Sat 15-Jun-2013
Sat 22-Jun-2013
Sat 29-Jun-2013
Sat 06-Jul-2013
Sat 13-Jul-2013
Sat 20-Jul-2013
Sat 27-Jul-2013
Sat 03-Aug-2013
Sat 10-Aug-2013
Sat 17-Aug-2013
Sat 24-Aug-2013
Sat 31-Aug-2013
Sat 07-Sep-2013
Sat 14-Sep-2013
Sat 21-Sep-2013
Sat 28-Sep-2013
Sat 05-Oct-2013
Sat 12-Oct-2013
Sat 19-Oct-2013
Sat 26-Oct-2013
Sat 02-Nov-2013
Sat 09-Nov-2013
Sat 16-Nov-2013
Sat 23-Nov-2013
Sat 30-Nov-2013
Sat 07-Dec-2013
Sat 14-Dec-2013
Sat 21-Dec-2013
Sat 28-Dec-2013
Sat 04-Jan-2014
Sat 11-Jan-2014
Sat 18-Jan-2014
Sat 25-Jan-2014
Sat 01-Feb-2014
Sat 08-Feb-2014
Sat 15-Feb-2014
Sat 22-Feb-2014
Sat 01-Mar-2014
Sat 08-Mar-2014
Sat 15-Mar-2014
Sat 22-Mar-2014
Sat 29-Mar-2014
Sat 05-Apr-2014
Sat 12-Apr-2014
Sat 19-Apr-2014
Sat 26-Apr-2014
Sat 03-May-2014
Sat 10-May-2014
Sat 17-May-2014
Sat 24-May-2014
Sat 31-May-2014
Sat 07-Jun-2014
Sat 14-Jun-2014
Sat 21-Jun-2014
Sat 28-Jun-2014
Sat 05-Jul-2014
Sat 12-Jul-2014
Sat 19-Jul-2014
Sat 26-Jul-2014
Sat 02-Aug-2014
Sat 09-Aug-2014
Sat 16-Aug-2014
Sat 23-Aug-2014
Sat 30-Aug-2014
Sat 06-Sep-2014
Sat 13-Sep-2014
Sat 20-Sep-2014
Sat 27-Sep-2014
Sat 04-Oct-2014
Sat 11-Oct-2014
Sat 18-Oct-2014
Sat 25-Oct-2014
Sat 01-Nov-2014
Sat 08-Nov-2014
Sat 15-Nov-2014
Sat 22-Nov-2014
Sat 29-Nov-2014
Sat 06-Dec-2014
Sat 13-Dec-2014
Sat 20-Dec-2014
Sat 27-Dec-2014
Sat 03-Jan-2015
Sat 10-Jan-2015
Sat 17-Jan-2015
Sat 24-Jan-2015
Sat 31-Jan-2015
Sat 07-Feb-2015
Sat 14-Feb-2015
Sat 21-Feb-2015
Sat 28-Feb-2015
Sat 07-Mar-2015
Sat 14-Mar-2015
Sat 21-Mar-2015
Sat 28-Mar-2015
Sat 04-Apr-2015
Sat 11-Apr-2015
Sat 18-Apr-2015
Sat 25-Apr-2015
Sat 02-May-2015
Sat 09-May-2015
Sat 16-May-2015
Sat 23-May-2015
Sat 30-May-2015
Sat 06-Jun-2015
Sat 13-Jun-2015
Sat 20-Jun-2015
Sat 27-Jun-2015
Sat 04-Jul-2015
Sat 11-Jul-2015
Sat 18-Jul-2015
Sat 25-Jul-2015
Sat 01-Aug-2015
Sat 08-Aug-2015
Sat 15-Aug-2015
Sat 22-Aug-2015
Sat 29-Aug-2015
Sat 05-Sep-2015
Sat 12-Sep-2015
Sat 19-Sep-2015
Sat 26-Sep-2015
Sat 03-Oct-2015
Sat 10-Oct-2015
Sat 17-Oct-2015
Sat 24-Oct-2015
Sat 31-Oct-2015
Sat 07-Nov-2015
Sat 14-Nov-2015
Sat 21-Nov-2015
Sat 28-Nov-2015
Sat 05-Dec-2015
Sat 12-Dec-2015
Sat 19-Dec-2015
Sat 26-Dec-2015
Sat 02-Jan-2016
Sat 09-Jan-2016
Sat 16-Jan-2016
Sat 23-Jan-2016
Sat 30-Jan-2016
Sat 06-Feb-2016
Sat 13-Feb-2016
Sat 20-Feb-2016
Sat 27-Feb-2016
Sat 05-Mar-2016
Sat 12-Mar-2016
Sat 19-Mar-2016
Sat 26-Mar-2016
Sat 02-Apr-2016
Sat 09-Apr-2016
Sat 16-Apr-2016
Sat 23-Apr-2016
Sat 30-Apr-2016
Sat 07-May-2016
Sat 14-May-2016
Sat 21-May-2016
Sat 28-May-2016
Sat 04-Jun-2016
Sat 11-Jun-2016
Sat 18-Jun-2016
Sat 25-Jun-2016
Sat 02-Jul-2016
Sat 09-Jul-2016
Sat 16-Jul-2016
Sat 23-Jul-2016
Sat 30-Jul-2016
Sat 06-Aug-2016
Sat 13-Aug-2016
Sat 20-Aug-2016
Sat 27-Aug-2016
Sat 03-Sep-2016
Sat 10-Sep-2016
Sat 17-Sep-2016
Sat 24-Sep-2016
Sat 01-Oct-2016
Sat 08-Oct-2016
Sat 15-Oct-2016
Sat 22-Oct-2016
Sat 29-Oct-2016
Sat 05-Nov-2016
Sat 12-Nov-2016
Sat 19-Nov-2016
Sat 26-Nov-2016
Sat 03-Dec-2016
Sat 10-Dec-2016
Sat 17-Dec-2016
Sat 24-Dec-2016
Sat 31-Dec-2016
Sat 07-Jan-2017
Sat 14-Jan-2017
Sat 21-Jan-2017
Sat 28-Jan-2017
Sat 04-Feb-2017
Sat 11-Feb-2017
Sat 18-Feb-2017
Sat 25-Feb-2017
Sat 04-Mar-2017
Sat 11-Mar-2017
Sat 18-Mar-2017
Sat 25-Mar-2017
Sat 01-Apr-2017
Sat 08-Apr-2017
Sat 15-Apr-2017
Sat 22-Apr-2017
Sat 29-Apr-2017
Sat 06-May-2017
Sat 13-May-2017
Sat 20-May-2017
Sat 27-May-2017
Sat 03-Jun-2017
Sat 10-Jun-2017
Sat 17-Jun-2017
Sat 24-Jun-2017
Sat 01-Jul-2017
Sat 08-Jul-2017
Sat 15-Jul-2017
Sat 22-Jul-2017
Sat 29-Jul-2017
Sat 05-Aug-2017
Sat 12-Aug-2017
Sat 19-Aug-2017
Sat 26-Aug-2017
Sat 02-Sep-2017
Sat 09-Sep-2017
Sat 16-Sep-2017
Sat 23-Sep-2017
Sat 30-Sep-2017
Sat 07-Oct-2017
Sat 14-Oct-2017
Sat 21-Oct-2017
Sat 28-Oct-2017
Sat 04-Nov-2017
Sat 11-Nov-2017
Sat 18-Nov-2017
Sat 25-Nov-2017
Sat 02-Dec-2017
Sat 09-Dec-2017
Sat 16-Dec-2017
Sat 23-Dec-2017
Sat 30-Dec-2017
Sat 06-Jan-2018
Sat 13-Jan-2018
Sat 20-Jan-2018
Sat 27-Jan-2018
Sat 03-Feb-2018
Sat 10-Feb-2018
Sat 17-Feb-2018
Sat 24-Feb-2018
Sat 03-Mar-2018
Sat 10-Mar-2018
Sat 17-Mar-2018
Sat 24-Mar-2018
Sat 31-Mar-2018
Sat 07-Apr-2018
Sat 14-Apr-2018
Sat 21-Apr-2018
Sat 28-Apr-2018
Sat 05-May-2018
Sat 12-May-2018
Sat 19-May-2018
Sat 26-May-2018
Sat 02-Jun-2018
Sat 09-Jun-2018
Sat 16-Jun-2018
Sat 23-Jun-2018
Sat 30-Jun-2018
Sat 07-Jul-2018
Sat 14-Jul-2018
Sat 21-Jul-2018
Sat 28-Jul-2018
Sat 04-Aug-2018
Sat 11-Aug-2018
Sat 18-Aug-2018
Sat 25-Aug-2018
Sat 01-Sep-2018
Sat 08-Sep-2018
Sat 15-Sep-2018
Sat 22-Sep-2018
Sat 29-Sep-2018
Sat 06-Oct-2018
Sat 13-Oct-2018
Sat 20-Oct-2018
Sat 27-Oct-2018
Sat 03-Nov-2018
Sat 10-Nov-2018
Sat 17-Nov-2018
Sat 24-Nov-2018
Sat 01-Dec-2018
Sat 08-Dec-2018
Sat 15-Dec-2018
Sat 22-Dec-2018
Sat 29-Dec-2018
Sat 05-Jan-2019
Sat 12-Jan-2019
Sat 19-Jan-2019
Sat 26-Jan-2019
Sat 02-Feb-2019
Sat 09-Feb-2019
Sat 16-Feb-2019
Sat 23-Feb-2019
Sat 02-Mar-2019
Sat 09-Mar-2019
Sat 16-Mar-2019
Sat 23-Mar-2019
Sat 30-Mar-2019
Sat 06-Apr-2019
Sat 13-Apr-2019
Sat 20-Apr-2019
Sat 27-Apr-2019
Sat 04-May-2019
Sat 11-May-2019
Sat 18-May-2019
Sat 25-May-2019
Sat 01-Jun-2019
Sat 08-Jun-2019
Sat 15-Jun-2019
Sat 22-Jun-2019
Sat 29-Jun-2019
Sat 06-Jul-2019
Sat 13-Jul-2019
Sat 20-Jul-2019
Sat 27-Jul-2019
Sat 03-Aug-2019
Sat 10-Aug-2019
Sat 17-Aug-2019
Sat 24-Aug-2019
Sat 31-Aug-2019
Sat 07-Sep-2019
Sat 14-Sep-2019
Sat 21-Sep-2019
Sat 28-Sep-2019
Sat 05-Oct-2019
Sat 12-Oct-2019
Sat 19-Oct-2019
Sat 26-Oct-2019
Sat 02-Nov-2019
Sat 09-Nov-2019
Sat 16-Nov-2019
Sat 23-Nov-2019
Sat 30-Nov-2019
Sat 07-Dec-2019
Sat 14-Dec-2019
Sat 21-Dec-2019
Sat 28-Dec-2019
Sat 04-Jan-2020
Sat 11-Jan-2020
Sat 18-Jan-2020
Sat 25-Jan-2020
Sat 01-Feb-2020
Sat 08-Feb-2020
Sat 15-Feb-2020
Sat 22-Feb-2020
Sat 29-Feb-2020
Sat 07-Mar-2020
Sat 14-Mar-2020
Sat 21-Mar-2020
Sat 28-Mar-2020
Sat 04-Apr-2020
Sat 11-Apr-2020
Sat 18-Apr-2020
Sat 25-Apr-2020
Sat 02-May-2020
Sat 09-May-2020
Sat 16-May-2020
Sat 23-May-2020
Sat 30-May-2020
Sat 06-Jun-2020
Sat 13-Jun-2020
Sat 20-Jun-2020
Sat 27-Jun-2020
Sat 04-Jul-2020
Sat 11-Jul-2020
Sat 18-Jul-2020
Sat 25-Jul-2020
Sat 01-Aug-2020
Sat 08-Aug-2020
Sat 15-Aug-2020
Sat 22-Aug-2020
Sat 29-Aug-2020
Sat 05-Sep-2020
Sat 12-Sep-2020
Sat 19-Sep-2020
Sat 26-Sep-2020
Sat 03-Oct-2020
Sat 10-Oct-2020
Sat 17-Oct-2020
Sat 24-Oct-2020
Sat 31-Oct-2020
Sat 07-Nov-2020
Sat 14-Nov-2020
Sat 21-Nov-2020
Sat 28-Nov-2020
Sat 05-Dec-2020
Sat 12-Dec-2020
Sat 19-Dec-2020

2660 weekends until Christmas 2020


As of: Thursday, April 9, 2020 at 0:00:58


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