Handbag Hooks make a great Christmas Stocking Filler

If you are looking for a small, stylish gift for a friend, sister or co-worker then consider a handbag hook.  When you sit down in a café you either have to put your handbag on a chair or on the floor.  There’s nothing worse than putting your handbag on a dirty floor.  There’s also the risk that while you are talking, someone can easily walk off with your handbag.  Handbag Hooks help to solve this problem.  iAdoreYour Gifts & Jewellery have a range of Handbag Hooks from Handbag Butler from £17.50 including free UK P&P.

Here’s a YouTube video of an interview with the people from Handbag Butler which show you in more detail how these handbag hooks work:

See the full range of handbag hooks from Handbag Butler at I Adore Your Gifts & Jewellery and take advantage of their free UK delivery option to get your handbag hook delivered in time for Christmas.

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