Gift Idea: Jewellery Trees & Jewellery Stands

Over the coming weeks I’ll be blogging about various Christmas present ideas for all the family to give you some inspiration when wondering what to get people for Christmas this year.  To start this series of blog posts I would suggest Jewellery Trees and Jewellery Stands as an excellent gift idea for girls and ladies of all ages and tastes.  The terms Jewellery Tree, Jewellery Stand and Jewellery Hanger seem to be used interchangeable and essentially refer to the same type of product.  As you might expect Jewellery Tree’s typically are more tree shape with branches, whereas a Jewellery Hanger could take almost any shape as we will see below.

Jewellery Stands can be kept on your dressing table or a set of draws in your bedroom.  When you take a necklace off if you don’t have somewhere to hang it they can quickly become tangled and knotted.  Having a jewellery hanger on your dressing table is a handy place to hang your necklace and keep it tangle free for when you need it.   They typically range from about £10 to £30 depending on the size and style.

Antique Cream Jewellery Hanger

This is a good example of a Jewellery Hanger.  The shape and design in no way resembles a tree but is very practical in design as it could stand at the back of your dressing table and could easily take 10 or more necklaces and bracelets.





Gold Coloured Chain Hanger

Gold Coloured Chain Hanger




This Gold Coloured Jewellery Stand is even more ornamental and can easily store 6 or more necklaces.









So if you are wondering what to buy a younger sister, niece or other female friend do consider a Jewellery Stand this Christmas.  Our sponsors at have a wide range of jewellery stands and hangers to choose from all with free UK delivery.

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