Get planting for Christmas 2022

Every year we see real Christmas Trees ready to be purchased. Whilst I love the smell of the winter pine, I must confess to getting the fake Christmas tree down from the loft each year. I don’t want to be hoovering up pine needles in the run up to the Christmas period and with a little toddler around the place it seems a little safer too. For those of you for whom it wouldn’t be Christmas without a real Christmas Tree it may interest you to know that it takes 10 years for a Christmas Tree to grow during which time the trees have to be nurtured and checked regularly. This is very dedicated work. Each tree is grown from seed in a nursery and takes 3 – 4 years before the trees can be transplanted into a field where they will grow until the tree is 10 years old.  As you can see this is a long term commitment.

I remember driving through Scotland and seeing fields of small Christmas Trees – this was around October time and the sight of all these little trees really put me in the Christmas Spirit.

Norway Spruce from Scottish Christmas Trees

Norway Spruce from Scottish Christmas Trees

For more information see Scottish Christmas Trees were you can order online, although you might have to wait until they have their 2012 trees available!!

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