Easter 2011

I hope everyone enjoyed Easter this year and you’re now enjoying the long Royal Wedding and May Day Bank Holiday weekend, we have certainly had some lovely weather in the UK considering it’s a bank holiday weekend.

One of our long standing family traditions is to enjoy the last Christmas pudding at Easter for the big family meal, normally on Easter Sunday.  It’s always interesting to see how much the Christmas pudding benefits from being stored for a few more months.  The flavours all mature and become much deeper and richer.  This year I plan to make our Christmas Pudding on the August Bank Holiday weekend as it worked really well for us last year.

On Friday we had the whole family round so that we could all watch the Royal wedding together.  We didn’t go as far as organising a street party in our village but it was a good excuse to get everyone together and enjoy a lovely happy day and some great food.

Finally a tip, if you have a birthday coming up for someone who really loves classical music then I highly recommend this years BBC Proms Guide as a thoughtful little gift.

BBC Proms Guide 2011

The Proms Guide is available in Book Stores or through Amazon and is less than £5, so really good value for money when you consider that it will see you all the way through the Proms season.  I bought my husband one this year instead of an Easter Egg, it’s a lot less calories and gives him a lot more enjoyment.

Enjoy the rest of the Bank Holiday weekend.

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