Customize your gifts

I have blogged previously about the benefits of making Christmas gifts such as chilli chutney.  However, it does strike me that whilst an old jam jar is great for me to store this for myself it lacks a certain gift look about it.  This is where the home made look can come in really handy.  You don’t need to go too over  the top, just some brown paper tied with a coloured piece of raffia is perfect.  Don’t forget a parcel label to let the recipient know what it is!  See the following link for more information

If you plan to make some of your wonderful biscuits or maybe a cake you may wish to put it in a box or tin.  This can be an expensive to do so look for plain boxes or tins from a cake craft supplier such as The Craft Company although you might have to pay postage, it will still be cheaper than many gift boxes and you will get the depth you need for a cake.  You also have a blank canvas on which to you creating your own design.  You can go for all out Christmas glitz but I think it is nice to stick with a theme such as the brown paper and rafia or gingham ribbon or may be a sprig of holly .

Not only does this look like Christmas of yester year, word will spread with your friends and they will know that they are going to get a Christmas treat made by you as soon as they see your signature wrapping.

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