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Christmas Countdown Lifestyle Blog, helping you plan a stress-free Christmas.
Christmas Countdown Lifestyle Blog, helping you plan a stress-free Christmas.

Christmas Countdown


Cookie Crumbles – yummy cake time!

I was delighted to receive a cake for one baking kit from Cookie Crumbles.  The mug was delivered in a presentation box with a sweet little spoon and cooking instructions (very important).


Looks simple enough!


All you have to do is pour your dry cake mix into the mug, add 2 tbsp of milk and 1 tbsp of vegetable oil, stir well and put it in the microwave.  A kind of magic that Disney himself would be proud of then happens.   I wouldn’t have thought possible with so little effort from me.  I only wish my children could have seen this coconut chocolate cake of goodness rising in its cup, they would have been spellbound.  After the microwave had gone ping, the difficult part!  I am not sure how I coped with the 2 minute wait before I could plunge my little spoon in but I did and it was worth wait – it was delicious.  Although it is a cake, it has the comforting warmth of a chocolate pudding too.  It was like a big chocolate hug as the weather is turning cooler in the run up to Christmas.

I am so pleased to see that the ingredients list has all things you would expect to find a cake and nothing more – wholemeal wheat, flour, sugar, desiccated coconut, plain chocolate chips, white chocolate chips and baking powder.  Not 2o additional ingredients that I cannot pronounce much less know what they are.  It is such a joy to find none of the artificialness usually associated with cake mixes.

I must admit, I am feeling slightly guilty now as my mug for my little cake of wonderfulness does say ‘Cake for One Special Dad’.  Oopps! Never mind,  I can still have the empty mug!   I think Cookie Crumbles Mug cakes are a great Christmas gift for a Dad or Mum (a pretty pink version is also available) as a different type of stocking filler or as an unexpected gift this Christmas

The finished or should that be half eaten cake!

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