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Christmas Countdown Lifestyle Blog, helping you plan a stress-free Christmas.
Christmas Countdown Lifestyle Blog, helping you plan a stress-free Christmas.

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Gluten, Dairy and refined sugar free minced pie recipe.

I've just come across this really clever recipe for mince pies that's gluten free, dairy free and also free of refined sugars. For anyone who wants to know exactly what they are eating or who is trying to eat healthy then this looks like a great and simple recipe for...

Relaxing on Christmas Eve

It's Christmas Eve and so far everything is going to plan and running like clockwork.  I did pop out to the local shop this morning to pick up a newspaper and found it was really busy, so I'm glad I didn't have to do any more shopping today.  If you've been following...

How to make Cranberry Sauce

I made my Cranberry Sauce last night. It's really quick and easy and tastes a lot nicer than the sauce you buy in the shops. I thought I'd write this quick Cranberry Sauce Recipe up as a blog and add it to my Christmas Recipe Book.

Make your Christmas Chilli and Tomato Chutney this weekend

Looking at my tomato plants this morning there are lots of under-ripe fruits which as we start to get colder evenings probably wont ripen and risk going bad on the plants.  With this in mind I think this is a good weekend to make my Chilli and Tomato Chutney recipe....

Enjoy Mulled Wine on Bonfire Night!

I have just added my mulled wine recipe which will be very welcome to warm you if your bonfire night festivites are taking place in the next few days.  Of course, it also as important during the festive season as mince pies, Christmas Carols and Christmas Trees, so...