Christmas 2010 Doctor Who Special

In recent years I’ve really enjoyed the Christmas Doctor Who specials.  As part of tonights BBC Children in Need Appeal they showed us a sneak peak, teaser trail for this years Christmas special… and it look excellent, everything you could hope for in a Christmas special.

The episode seems likely to be called “The Christmas Time Lord”.   The trailer starts with Doctor Who  coming down a chimney, Michael Gambon playing a Scrooge like character supported by Amy, Rory and Katherine Jenkins.   There’s lots of snow, Dickensian characters, an Amy on the bridge of what looks like a Star Ship.

I also understand that for the first time this year Doctor Who fans in the USA will be able to enjoy the Christmas special on Christmas Day, so I’m sure the whole Internet will be awash with reviews and comments on Boxing Day.

Well, only 35 days to go until we get to sit down and enjoy this new episode and I can’t wait.

If you haven’t seen the trailer yet you can find it here.

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