Norwich Florist for Winter Weddings

Ohhh, isn’t there just something magical about a winter wedding!  All those possibilities for sumptuous rich fabrics such velvet bridesmaids dresses and fur wraps (fake fur that is) to keep off the crisp winter chill, beautifully lit evening Receptions, and maybe even fireworks, makes me wonder why most weddings are in the Spring/Summer.  Whether it is a December wedding with all the Christmas Sparkle or a New Years Eve celebration to greet the New Year with a promise of the best year yet for the happy couple, you will need flowers as even with the glitter of the season a wedding isn’t a wedding without flowers.

Winter Wedding Flowers look fabulous.  I will always love white roses and foliage for a wedding but you could change this to red roses are have both white and red.   It is most cost effective to consider flowers which have a year-round presence, such as roses, lisianthus, veronica, alstroemeria and gypsophila. Fortunately, these work well with the jewel-like tones that are popular with winter colour schemes.  Adding berries to your red rose bouquet is also an effective way of acknowledging you are happily getting married in Winter rather than Summer.


If you are lucky enough to live in East Anglia, you can always ask Norwich Wedding Florist Claire Carney of to design and deliver your wedding flowers to your budget and to achieve the look you are after.  Claire creates bespoke wedding flowers so there is no need to just select on a website and hope for the best.  Claire offers a personal touch and works with you to ensure you are happy with the results.



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Balloon Decorations for a Corporate Events at Christmas

As a blogger I am truly amazed at the number of corporate events there are in a year and they are just the ones I am invited to.  Often they are for a launch of a new product, or a new restaurant or to celebrate a corporate style anniversary.  These events often increase towards Christmas where there is even more sparkle to these events.

One thing all these events have in common in bubbly, nibbles and decorations. If you want to tell people about something new – make it fun, make it memorable, in other words, make a sparkle!  I expect the bubbly would help with that but have you ever been to a corporate event without decorations?  Whilst these might include flower decorations, they can be expensive especially at Christmas where flowers are more expensive.  Balloon decorations have more impact and fill the room with a party atmosphere and are not affected by seasonal price variations.  At corporate events there is a trend towards selfies, which often immediately find their way onto Facebook and Twitter.  A balloon selfie wall draws the attention of the guests creating even more publicity with more shots of an event for social media. Balloon columns in corporate colours are also a great way of meeting and greeting guests at the entrance of your venue as guests are often looking gingerly at a room wondering if that is where they should be.  A big display of balloons will soon clear up any confusion.

Until I came across Claire Carney’s work, I thought balloon decorators tended to just make sausage dogs from a long balloon at children’s parties.  I couldn’t have been more wrong, Claire’s balloons for corporate events make a fabulous impact.  So if you are looking for a balloon decorator in Norwich, Norfolk  for your Christmas event you need not look any further.


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The best pickled red cabbage in the shops.

I discovered this Bourne and Wallis picked Red Cabbage in my local farm shop.  My husband loves pickled red cabbage it with cold meat and cheese but until now we’ve never found a nice commercial version.  We were really pleased to find that the Bourne and Wallis pickled red cabbage is just like the home made variety.
red-cabbage - 1The cabbage itself has the right texture crisp without being like eating raw cabbage.  You can also taste the good quality barley malt vinegar that adds to the flavour. The cabbage and malt vinegar and spices come together nicely with meat, cheese and complement dishes such as pork pies.


Bourne & Wallis Red Cabbage


The ingredients list is reassuringly brief, listing just Red Cabbage, salt, ascetic acid, barley malt vinegar, sugar and mixed spice flavouring.

red-cabbage - 3


Have a look at their website for stockists and their other products.

If you want to know how to make your own Pickled Red Cabbage see the Mark’s Veg Plot blog here.

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Tip: Create your own bespoke Christmas Hamper

Sometimes it’s hard to know what to give parents, friends or older relatives at Christmas. I always think that Christmas hampers are a lovely present that last well into the New Year. Searching through the catalogues to pick the right hamper can be difficult and if you leave it too late you may well find that the hamper you wanted has sold out.  So I was really pleased earlier this week when one of our readers contacted me to point out that Waitrose are doing a “Create your own Gift Crate” service this year for just £5.

Waitrose build your own crate

Waitrose build your own crate 2015

They seem to have a couple of designs but at the time of writing the one shown above is the only one currently in stock. Click here to see it.

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Christmas Planning Tip: Get yourself a spare speed peeler.

Todays Christmas planning tip is simple but could make all the difference to the delivery of a stress free successful Christmas lunch.  If you haven’t already got one I highly recommend these speed peelers. In fact I recommend you have two or three of these in your kitchen. If you get behind you can get the family helping with the peeling. Having a spare is also good as I’ve been known to need one only to find it’s in the dishwasher with 70 minutes to go on the wash cycle.

I’ve gone through a few of these over the years but this is the one I’ve got and recommend now:


Get yourself a speed peeler

Get yourself a speed peeler!


At the time of writing you can find these speed peelers on for under £5.  (Click here)

If you’ve got any similar Christmas planning tips, please let me know my leaving a comment below.

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