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The UK Christmas
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Just spotted a new gift idea for Doctor Who fans this Christmas.

Just spotted a new gift idea for Doctor Who fans this Christmas.

A new Christmas gift idea for Doctor Who fans.... I just noticed that David Tennant sent out a tweet about the new "Doctor Who, The 10 Christmas Specials Blu-ray". If you are wondering what to a Doctor Who fan for Christmas this year then this might be a good idea....

Remember Webb Ivory?

I was recently purchasing Christmas Cards and I mentioned in a previous post.  Seeing that so many cards are now for charities, I suddenly remembered that from my childhood my Mum had always purchased her cards, wrapping paper and even some children's toys from a...

Boots for Christmas Baby Clothes

As it is 3 months to Christmas today, it really is time to start ticking off your things to do list.  If you don't feel like getting into the whole cake baking and Christmas card writing part of Christmas yet, how about thinking about winter clothes and specifically...

Snow Globe

I have confession to make.  I love snow globes.  Nothing sums up better Christmasy glittery decorations than a pretty snow globe. Snow globes were originally made by the Vienna Snow Globe Company in 1905 and are still made and finished there by hand there.  However,...

Argos top toys for Christmas 2015

It is hard to believe that Argos published their list of top Christmas Toys for 2015 in June!  It seems to me that Argos should be an authority in this area given that they have been a great supplier of toys for decades.  I can clearly remember getting the Autumn...

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