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The UK Christmas
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John Lewis Decorate your Christmas Tree

I do approve when retailers actually give hints and tips rather than a just a bare page with a few items thrown at it.  This works brilliantly for clothes but also, I think with Christmas Decorations.  John Lewis have had a really good go with this on their website on...

Dress your front door

With moving to a new home the garden is s little sparse at the moment so I have been thinking of ways to brighten us up a little at Christmas.  There really isn't anything that escapes the effects of Christmas including areas of the home.  I was happy to see that the...

Christmas Hanging Basket

Christmas Hanging Basket

Just a quick post to share this picture with you. It's of a great hanging basket Christmas decoration. We don't know where this originated from but it was getting quite a lot of interest yesterday when someone posted it on Facebook.

Keep the children busy – keep a journal

It is a given that the first thing children will be asked to do when they go back to school in September is to write and draw something they did on their Summer or Christmas holidays.  This got me thinking that children are always much happier if they have jobs to do...

Fun with Nutty Putty for Holidays

I have been sent a lovely gift to keep little people amused over the Christmas Holidays or any other holiday time for that matter.  It is called Nutty Putty and is a very easy way to for children to spread their creative wings making pretty flowers, animals, cars and...

Children’s Crafts for the Holidays

When it comes to children’s toys I spend a lot of time trying to work out what toy won’t end up abandoned by the end of Christmas Day. I find that a big winner with children are arts and crafts. It would seem that although children have many options when it comes to...

Just spotted a lovely simple Christmas food idea

Always looking for ways to get the children to eat more fruit, so loved this great idea when I spotted it on Twitter.  It would also be good fun to make these with the children. If you don't eat these...

Adult Colouring Book Ideas for Christmas

2015 has seen an explosion of interest in colouring books for grown ups, well why should the children have all the fun. They are a great way to relax at the end of the day. There is no doubt about how relaxing they can be and some say they take you back to your own...

Want to make your own Christmas Cards?

If you have often thought about making your own Christmas cards but have put it off because you can't find the time or don't know where to start this may be a blog for you.  So many new hobbies start with buying all the kit you need related to the new hobby only to...

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