Children’s Christmas Books Blogs

Welcome to my Christmas books blog for Children’s books.

I receive lots of approval and advanced copies of children’s books from publishers for review. I also see lots of innovative personalised Christmas books for children, pop-up Christmas Books and Children’s Christmas colouring books.

I do my best to review and publish blogs on as many of these as possible, but only where I like the books. If I don’t like them I’d rather not publish anything as no  one wants to be negative about someone else’s work.

I have two children at primary school and get their views on many of the books I receive to review.

If you have written or published a children’s Christmas book and would be interested in having it reviewed here do please get in touch.

I hope you enjoy my Children’s Christmas Book Blog.

Book Review: The Santa Club by Kelly Moss

The Santa Club asks two important questions ‘Is there a Santa Claus?’ and ‘Is Santa Claus Real?’.  From this you will guess that is a book for older children.  This book is a good way to answer these questions and it does concentrate on the true Christian meaning of...

Children’s Book Review: The Snowman’s Revenge by Mark Smythe

There are no better Winter Days than the ones where the weather is too bad to go to school.  The Snowman’s Revenge takes place on one of these such days. The children build a Snowman and then go into the warm house to drink hot chocolate whilst the snowman is left in...

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