Book Review: The Santa Club by Kelly Moss

The Santa Club - Is Father Christmas Real?The Santa Club asks two important questions ‘Is there a Santa Claus?’ and ‘Is Santa Claus Real?’.  From this you will guess that is a book for older children.  This book is a good way to answer these questions and it does concentrate on the true Christian meaning of Christmas which is great.

Santa Club Sample Page

There is a place to put your photo when you have read the book and become a member of the Santa Club which children will love. I love the hardback cover (I always thought that books with a hard cover were a bit more special than the others when I was little) and the illustrations are large and colourful.  So you couldn’t have a more seasonal book to give this Christmas to a child who is old enough to ask those awkward Santa Claus questions.

This book was written for the American market with American spellings, however, this should not spoil a child’s enjoyment.

Published by Palmary Press.  ISBN: 9780982134016.  Author: Kelly Moss with Illustrations by Jim Keserich.

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Children’s Book Review: The Snowman’s Revenge by Mark Smythe

The Snowman's Revenge

There are no better Winter Days than the ones where the weather is too bad to go to school.  The Snowman’s Revenge takes place on one of these such days.

The children build a Snowman and then go into the warm house to drink hot chocolate whilst the snowman is left in the cold.  This makes the Snowman so mad that he vows to get into the house to give the children a fright!  The house was too hot so the Snowman stayed in the freezer and waited for night to fall.

Picture of snowman

Unfortunately, the Snowman’s plans did not go as he would have liked and the children were left safe and cosy in their beds.

This book makes a good Christmas present for a younger children who will appreciate the wonderful rhyme to the sentences and the beautiful illustrations by Mike Motz.It has the right amount of scariness and happiness that children love and is sure to be read over and over by the lucky child that receives it.

Scary Snowman

This books was written for the American market with American spellings, however, this does not spoil a child’s enjoyment of them and the spelling difference might make a good talking point with Children.

Author: Mark Smythe

Illustrations: Mike Motz

This book is available from, or your local independent bookstore by quoting ISBN 9780982270400.

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Children’s Book Review: Coming Home Peggylicious and The Do Good Dog Clan

Peggylicious and The Do Good Dog Clan

Peggylicious and The Do Good Dog Clan - Cover

I have received the children’s book Coming Home Peggylicious and The Do Good Dog Clan by Claire Harrison with illustrations by Elinor Geller to review.  It tells the story of a little girl, her Mum and sisters who go to buy a little dog from a farm.  Although her Mum says that they are just going to take alook who could resist the big bright eyes of a little black puppy dog and soon they are on their way home with the new addition to the family.  They decide to call the little puppy Peggy hence the Peggylicious title.  I particularly loved the line the little girl says ‘Forever more a part of us,’  as dogs certainly do become part of the family and are not just for Christmas.  Peggy’s favourite toy is a squeaky Christmas Pud which she loves to run and chase after. This toy also leads to a new friend for Peggy to share her future exploits with.  I really enjoyed this book as it is easy to read to a child or for them to read themselves, it has highlighted words in big letters such as ‘please‘ and ‘squeaked‘ which are great to be read out loud and with extra feeling to keep a child captivated.

Peggy and Bestfriend Archie with their Christmas Pudding Toy

Peggy and Bestfriend Archie with their Christmas Pudding Toy - an example of the lovely colour illistrations.

The book is also wonderfully illustrated with bright colourful pictures that will hold a young childs interest and help slightly older children to keep turing the pages to read about Peggy.  This will make a wonderful stocking filler for a child and giving a book for a present is great way to encourage children to read.  I look forward to the next instalment of Peggy’s adventures in subsequent books.

You can find this book online at or you can order it from your local bookstore by quoting ISBN 9780956891204.

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